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import requests
import xlwt
from xlwt.Utils import rowcol_to_cell
def prices(region_name="us-east", os="linux", currency="USD"):
"Retrieve and prase AWS pricing information."
prices = requests.get(PRICING_URL).json
region = next((x for x in prices['config']['regions'] if x['region'] == region_name))
price_tuples = []
for instance_type in region['instanceTypes']:
instance_name = instance_type['type']
for size in instance_type['sizes']:
size_name = size['size']
size_price = next((x for x in size['valueColumns'] if x['name'] == os))['prices'][currency]
price_tuples.append((instance_name, size_name, size_price))
return price_tuples
def write_prices(ws, aws_prices):
"Write AWS prices to an Excel worksheet."
headers = ('Type', 'Size', 'Price/hour (USD)', 'Price/month (USD)')
for i, header in enumerate(headers):
ws.row(0).write(i, header)
# format prices as prices
style = xlwt.XFStyle()
style.num_format_str = '"$"#,##0.00_);("$"#,##'
for i, (instance, size, price) in enumerate(aws_prices, start=1):
ws.row(i).write(0, instance)
ws.row(i).write(1, size)
ws.row(i).write(2, float(price), style=style)
hourly_cell = rowcol_to_cell(i, 2)
hours_in_month = 24 * 30
ws.row(i).write(3, xlwt.Formula("%s * %s" % (hourly_cell, hours_in_month)), style)
wb = xlwt.Workbook()
ws = wb.add_sheet('EC2 Pricing')
aws_prices = prices()
write_prices(ws, aws_prices)'aws.xls')