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Example code for my talk "std::variant and the Power of Pattern Matching"

This repository contains the example code shown in my presentation "std::variant and the power of pattern matching". To build, a C++ 17 compatible compiler is required. I have tested it on the following compilers:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.8.9)
  • clang 7.0.0 (with libc++)

In addition, the library SFML is required. I tested versions 2.4 and 2.5. On Mac OS, you can install it via homebrew:

brew install sfml

You can also find the slides for my presentation in the slides directory.

All the code in this repository is shared under the MIT license (see LICENSE).

Blog post

I wrote a guest post for Bartek's coding blog, which focuses specifically on the state machine/space game part of this talk.

Licenses for graphics/fonts

There are some non-code assets in the state-machine/resources directory. Except for the following exceptions, these files are made by me and covered by a Creative Commons "CC by" license.

The following files are Copyright Ascender (see Apache-License.txt):

  • DroidSans.ttf
  • DroidSans-Bold.ttf

The following file is Copyright ESA, NASA, and L. Calcada (ESO for STScI) (see NASA-License.txt):


Example code and slides for my talk "std::variant and the Power of Pattern Matching"




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