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1.0.6 (28.09.2018)

  • bugfix: setupcounter in emitters is always enabled. disabling it killed all particles
  • bugfix: calculation of pixel ids in Layer Emitter was wrong
  • bugfix: scale selector in equal mode wasnt working
  • bugfix: dispose buffers on reset
  • added: girlpower example for creating lines with particles
  • added: kill modifier
  • added: position selector
  • added: emitter for Orbbec Astra camera
  • updated: readability of buffer overview pdf
  • updated: better help patch for age modifier
  • updated: email address of author
  • updated: kinect -> depth cameras
  • removed: obselete nodes

1.0.5 (28.03.2018)

  • updated: Age & Lifespan modifiers are affecting each other now
  • updated: ColorByLifeTime help patch shows the new Age/Lifetime behaviour
  • added: Kill modifier
  • updated: help patch for age modifier is a bit more in depth
  • bugfix: MultiStructuredBufferRendererNode did not work for AppendStructuredBuffers
  • removed: obselete version of WorldFilter for Kinect

1.0.4 (31.01.2018)

  • added: AsGeometry node outputs a single geometry for the usage with 3rd party shaders

1.0.3 (18.12.2017)

  • added: network support (buffer/image/raw converter nodes, splitter/store nodes, zeromq nodes,.. )
  • added: AttributeBuffer also outputs a buffer with selected attributes
  • added: Peak (DX11.Particles.Analysis)
  • added: Geometry (DX11.Particles.Kinect) to Render Kinect Depth as Geometry directly
  • added: Tutorials for custom selectors and modifiers
  • updated: WorldRepair & WorldSmooth nodes (Kinect Filter)
  • bugfixed: GeometryBuffer (DX11.Particles.Tools Instanced) was adding duplicate particles
  • bugfixed: vectorfield modifier had wrong textureformat and did wrong lookups
  • bugfixed: ply importer
  • bugfixed: MultistructuredBufferRenderer
  • bugfixed: Dynamic Shader node did duplicate init of dynamic pins in some cases
  • bugfixed: Blobdetection

1.0.1 (26.6.2017)

  • big performance improvements (especially on startup)
  • experimental chunk logic (import ascii/ply/obj pointclouds and generate chunks -> stream them with LOD. have a look at girlpower folder)
  • cloneable templates for emitters/modifiers/selectors
  • geometry emitter (have a look at girlpower)
  • better vectorfield handling and debugging
  • a lot of small bugfixes

1.0.0 Initial Release (25.12.2016)

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