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Rust parser for Android's dex format
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Dex is a parser for Android's Dex format written completely in Rust.

Most of the functionality to access the data structures in the file is implemented. Test coverage stands at 81% as of v0.3.0


Add to your Cargo.toml:

dex = "0.4.0"


The primary source of documentation for dex format is Android website. Most of the public structs, and methods in this crate have the same names. There are a few examples here to get you started.

Development Notes

  • The library makes use of mmap to access the file contents.
  • scroll is used to parse binary data.
  • The included classes.dex in the resources folder is from the open-source application ADW launcher. You can find the source code here

Running test cases

Some tests contains Java code and require javac and d8. The other option is to open a PR and test using the travis setup.

  • To get d8, you need to install Android SDK and add Android/Sdk/build-tools/<version>/ directory to PATH variable.
  • For javac, you need to install Java.
  • Also, ANDROID_LIB_PATH variable needs to be set in the environment. It should point to the android.jar file in the SDK. (ex: Android/Sdk/platforms/android-<version>/android.jar). This is needed to prevent warnings when running d8.
  • Use cargo install cargo-tarpaulin and run cargo tarpaulin to get test coverage.


All contributions are welcome! Feel free to raise issues/PRs on Github if you find a bug, have a question or think something can be improved! Please add a test when you open an PR!

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