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How to get the list of patches:

We used to just kind of guess which patches were needed.  Now, we look at the
patches installed on the system and build our list from that.  WARNING - The
system that you run this on must be a pretty clean system, with no extra
software or hardware packages (e.g. compilers, software development
environments, etc.).  We don't want to complain to our customers that they
must install the C compiler!  So, I recommend running these scripts on a fresh
clean QA-type system that has had the latest recommended patches or jumbo
patch set applied.  If for some reason you need to edit the auto generated
patch files, please put a comment in this file with the date and your ID.

	You will need one system for each supported OS release.  This means, for
DS 6.2, both a Solaris 8 and a Solaris 9 system.  Log into each system as root
and execute the script.  By default it tries to use
/usr/bin/perl, so if that is not available, any perl version > 5.005_03 can be
used (older versions might work).  Redirect the output to a file
(e.g. /tmp/patches), then copy that file over solN_patches.c, where N is the
OS release number (e.g. 8 or 9).  Then, merge the files together into one -
for example, sol8_patches.c sol9_patches.c > sol_patches.c.
Each patch is already tagged with what release version it came from and is applied to.

	Log into the reference machine and run > /tmp/patches.  You
may have to be superuser - for some reason, swlist must be run as root on some
machines but not others.  So, if you run it and get strange error messages, try
it as root.  Then, copy /tmp/patches over hp_patches.c.  By default, the perl
script tries to use /tools/ns/bin/perl5.6.1, so if that does not exist, try
another version of perl.  HP ships with a very old version of perl (v4) that
may or may not work.
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