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make note to use default_view

not setting the default_view if you name the view something other than TT can
cause problems with modules like AutoCRUD, better to tell people to be explicit
than to have them have cryptic errors down the road.
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@@ -381,8 +381,10 @@ The "view" keyword tells the create script that you are creating a view.
=item *
The first "TT" tells the script to name the View module "", which is a
-commonly used name for TT views. (You can name it anything you want, such as
+commonly used name for TT views. You can name it anything you want, such as
+"". If you name it something other than be sure to set the
+default_view in (See L<Catalyst::View::TT|Catalyst::View::TT> for
+more details on setting this).
=item *

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