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Requires gmp-4.2.0 or later.
In response to bug
- Amendment to Makefile.PL wrt 'long long' and 'long double' support.
- Remove reliance on $Config{use64bitint} in t/new.t and t/out_str.t
- Add some MAC OS X notes to README and fix some typos.
In response to bug
- In Rmpz_get_d_2exp, change data type of 'exp' from unsigned to signed.
In response to bug
- Fix ___GMP__CC() and ___GMP_CFLAGS() so that they return undef
if __GMP_CC and __GMP_CFLAGS are not defined by the gmp library.
Thanks, Bob Kuo and Jonathan Leto.
- Requires gmp-4.2.3 or later
- Remove (the need for) INLINE.h
- Change Rmpz_sprintf to return the number of characters written.
- Change Rmpz_sizeinbase and Rmpz_size to return unsigned longs instead
of signed long ints.
- Change Rmpz_scan0 and Rmpz_scan1 to return unsigned long. (Returning a
signed long int was wrong.)
- Change Rmpz_printf() so that, like its fprintf and sprintf counterparts,
it formats only one variable at a time.
- Fix bug in Rmpz_init_set_str (and Rmpz_init_set_str_nobless) that led to
a segfault if string was invalid (ie if mpz_init_set_str() returned true).
- Add Rmpz_fprintf, Rmpz_sprintf and Rmpz_sprintf_ret.
- Add Rmpz_out_raw and Rmpz_inp_raw.
- Add TRmpz_out_str and TRmpz_inp_str.
- Rmpz_out_str now takes an optional (leading) string argument - a
string that will be prepended to the mpz_out_str() output.
- Remove the tests in the Makefile.PL that test for the presence of
a suitable compiler and GMP library.
- Remove the "homegrown" primes and supplementary functions from the
list of exportable functions. (They don't really belong here.) Also
remove the documentation pertaining to these functions from the POD.
This is done in preparation for the eventual removal of these
functions from Math::GMPz. For the time being, however, these
functions are still available via their fully-qualified names - and
they're still being tested in the test suite.
- Rewrite new()
- Rmpz_out_str() now takes an optional third argument - a string that
will be appended to the mpz_out_str() output. Also stdout is
fflush()'d each time Rmpfr_out_str() is called.
- The overload functions and new() can now handle a long double value
- Add "Name" section to the pod
- Remove 'Makefile.old' from the source. (Doh !!)
- First CPAN release
- No longer assign Exporter and DynaLoader to @Math::GMPz::ISA.
- Add support for use64bitint
- add new() function/method to facilitate initialization/assignment