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use inc::Module::Install;
version_from 'lib/Net/Twitter/';
perl_version_from 'lib/Net/Twitter/';
# MAINTAINER only exists in the repository (i.e., development) version of the
# project. This eliminates the need for a "require 'Template'". TT2 is only
# needed to prepare a distribution. It is not necessary for making, testing,
# or installing the CPAN module.
# To build lib/Net/Twitter/ from src/net-twitter-lite-pm.tt2, touch
# MAINTAINER, the run "perl Makefile.PL"
system($^X, "src/", version, 'src/net-twitter-pod.tt2', 'lib/Net/Twitter.pod')
name 'Net-Twitter';
all_from 'lib/Net/Twitter.pod';
requires 'Moose' => 0.78;
requires 'MooseX::Traits';
requires 'JSON::Any' => 1.19;
requires 'URI::Escape';
requires 'namespace::autoclean';
requires 'Net::OAuth::Simple';
requires 'LWP::UserAgent' => 2.032;
requires 'MooseX::MultiInitArg';
recommends 'JSON::XS';
no_index directory => 'src';
# resources
repository 'git://';
homepage '';
bugtracker '';
eval {
system 'pod2text lib/Net/Twitter.pod > README';
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