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To create mappings for a new module follow the addition of an example
package (SWIG's exmample.c).
First we create a new folder in ./src/clibs:
mkdir ./src/clibs/example
perhaps it a version number is there for a contributed library that
is expected to be modified
mkdir ./src/clibs/example-1.0
if it is contributed, but will remain unmodified move the folder into
./contrib e.g.
mkdir ./contrib/example-1.0
and have ./src contain your mappings only:
mkdir ./src/clibs/examples
next we add the code (see ./src/clibs/example example.c). Includes go
mkdir ./src/clibs/examples/include
The language mappings go into ./src/mappings/swig - with the swig
input file ./src/mappings/swig/example.i in place for the module.
Next we get the language specific stuff...
In ./src/mappings/swig/python/biolib_swig_python the building of
Python linked libraries is handled with tests in
To build the python mappings you need the development version of
Python (/usr/include/python2.x/python.h should be on your system).
See ./src/mappings/swig/ruby/biolib_swig_ruby
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