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Nix is a package management system that lives on top of other systems
- but acts independently (all Nix files live in /nix).
One of the nice features of Nix is that it has a clean build
environment. Any dependency will show up during builds! A bit similar
to creating a clean virtual machine for package building. But it is
even better - with conflicts, like libraries with the same name (e.g. occurs with several packages), Nix will always complain. We
use Nix to test for dependencies and test/use different versions of
compilers and interpreters.
When you get an error like: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory - ./ (LoadError)
from ../test/test_example.rb:3
most likely you are using different versions of gcc/ld - in
particular a Ruby/Python/Perl interpreter may have been built with
Nix gcc, but you are trying to test with a local gcc.
To fix this either use the correct Nix gcc, or remove the Nix version
of ruby (and libraries) to match the combination on the underlying
system. These dependencies get printed when running a clean cmake .
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