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Please be consistent with the existing coding style.
Block style:
bool Function(char* psz, int n)
// Comment summarising what this section of code does
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)
// When something fails, return early
if (!Something())
return false;
// Success return is usually at the end
return true;
- ANSI/Allman block style
- 4 space indenting, no tabs
- No extra spaces inside parenthesis; please don't do ( this )
- No space after function names, one space after if, for and while
Variable names begin with the type in lowercase, like nSomeVariable.
Please don't put the first word of the variable name in lowercase like
Common types:
n integer number: short, unsigned short, int, unsigned int,
int64, uint64, sometimes char if used as a number
d double, float
f flag
hash uint256
p pointer or array, one p for each level of indirection
psz pointer to null terminated string
str string object
v vector or similar list objects
map map or multimap
set set or multiset
bn CBigNum
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