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bup-drecurse - recursively list files in your filesystem


bup drecurse [-x] [-q] [--exclude path] [--exclude-from filename] [--profile] <path>


bup drecurse traverses files in the filesystem in a way similar to find(1). In most cases, you should use find(1) instead.

This program is useful mainly for testing the file traversal algorithm used in bup-index(1).

Note that filenames are returned in reverse alphabetical order, as in bup-index(1). This is important because you can't generate the hash of a parent directory until you have generated the hashes of all its children. When listing files in reverse order, the parent directory will come after its children, making this easy.


-x, --xdev, --one-file-system : don't cross filesystem boundaries.

-q, --quiet : don't print filenames as they are encountered. Useful when testing performance of the traversal algorithms.

--exclude=path : a path to exclude from the backup (can be used more than once)

--exclude-from=filename : a file that contains exclude paths (can be used more than once)

--profile : print profiling information upon completion. Useful when testing performance of the traversal algorithms.


bup drecurse -x /




Part of the bup(1) suite.

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