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DESIGN: 'bup restore' exists now.

Reported by Dieter Plaetinck.

Signed-off-by: Avery Pennarun <>
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commit f8175fa1a098c74f04af5108010183fd226aef26 1 parent 94cd969
apenwarr apenwarr authored

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  1. +6 11 DESIGN
@@ -55,15 +55,9 @@ Essentially, copying data from the filesystem to your repository is called
55 55 a backup using the 'bup save' command, but that's getting ahead of
56 56 ourselves.
57 57
58   -As most backup experts know, backing stuff up is normally about 100x more
59   -common than restoring stuff, ie. copying from the repository to your
60   -filesystem. For that reason, and also because bup is so new, there is no
61   -actual 'bup restore' command that does the obvious inverse operation to 'bup
62   -save'. There are 'bup ftp' and 'bup fuse', which let you access your
63   -backed-up data, but they aren't as efficient as a fully optimized restore
64   -tool intended for high-volume restores. There's nothing stopping us from
65   -writing one; we just haven't written it yet. Feel free to pester us about
66   -it on the bup mailing list (see the README to find out about the list).
  58 +For the inverse operation, ie. copying from the repository to your
  59 +filesystem, you have several choices; the main ones are 'bup restore', 'bup
  60 +ftp', 'bup fuse', and 'bup web'.
67 61
68 62 Now, those are the basics of backups. In other words, we just spent about
69 63 half a page telling you that bup backs up and restores data. Are we having
@@ -568,8 +562,9 @@ compare the files in the index against the ones in the backup set, and
568 562 update only the ones that have changed. (Even more interesting things
569 563 happen if people are using the files on the restored system and you haven't
570 564 updated the index yet; the net result would be an automated merge of all
571   -non-conflicting files.) This would be a poor man's distributed filesystem.
572   -The only catch is that nobody has written 'bup restore' yet. Someday!
  565 +non-conflicting files.) This would be a poor man's distributed filesystem.
  566 +The only catch is that nobody has written this feature for 'bup restore'
  567 +yet. Someday!
573 568
574 569
575 570 How 'bup save' works (cmd/save)

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