Javascript on Parrot Virtual Machine
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Jaspers - Javascript on Parrot Virtual Machine

Jaspers is an implementation of Javascript on the Parrot Virtual Machine. Exactly which flavor of JS to use has not been decided yet.

Currently Jaspers uses NodeJS to execute our Javascript parser. We are still in the bootstrapping stage.


Parses javascript with a PEG.js-generated parser. This is a JSON datastructure. Jaspers is currently known to work with Nodejs 0.2.5 and 0.4.4.

Trying Jaspers

Jaspers has a very limited feature set right now, but if you want to kick the tires, you can run

node jaspers.js


Current plans are to generate a stage 0 compiler with PEG.js, similar to what is described in whiteknight++'s blog post. This stage 0 compiler will use PEG.js to parse Javascript and emit PIR. Node.js is currently being used to bootstrap the stage 0 compiler. Once a stage-0 compiler exists, NodeJS will not be necessary.

Parrot will then turn stage 0 into bytecode and a fakecutable, and then the stage 0 compiler will be used compile the source code to itself, thus generating a bootstrapped stage 1 compiler, full of unicorns dipped in fairy dust.

It has not yet been decided what the stage-0 compiler should target. Currently the choices are PIR/PAST/POST/PBC.

Sputnik, a Javascript conformance test suite, looks like it could be very useful:

Fellow Travelers

This blog post about implementing a lisp with PEG.js and node using_pegjs is a good example of using PEG.js, and this presentation by Bryan Ford is a good theoretical introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars peg_theory.