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    set (for example) POST_TEST_HOOK in your env to point at
    the in your checkout of this repo.
    modify your testing harness include and call something like

        sub log_post_test_hook {
            return unless $ENV{POST_TEST_HOOK};
            my ($all_tests_pass, $num_tests_run) = @_;

            $all_tests_pass = $all_tests_pass ? 1 : 0;
            $num_tests_run = +$num_tests_run;

            my $flavor_text_generator = join(' ',
            print `$flavor_text_generator 2>/dev/null`;
    have fun


    I didn't write this. I've extricated it with permission. Some
    folks will know the origin of this code. I'm glad to have it back
    in your hands. All pull requests gladly accepted. I'll add a note
    of personal preference that the meaning of Legendary Warriors be
    preserved. This should keep the list small as only a limited number
    of folks would qualify in any given period of time. It might make
    sense to have a similar file (Local Legends) with entries that
    would vary per site...
    Well, in any case, enjoy!


    In the beginning was the Code, and the Code was with Bugs, and
    the Code was Buggy. He was with Bugs in the Beginning. In the
    beginning he created the Red Light and the Green Light. The Light
    was without form or voice. Another added voice to light.
    Code curators were motivated with both he carrot ("Life is good")
    and the stick ("Yikes") until there arrived a group of individuals
    motivated by the value of their very lives, by their honor and rank,
    by disdain for enemies, by lust for the death of their foes, and by
    greed for loot. Most of these individuals are known to us today as
    Legendary Warriors. Some say that they continue their quests, that
    perhaps they lead new armies against their traditional foes.
    This repository is a chronicle of their efforts, an oracle of their
    futures, and a portal through which to join in their endeavor. The
    repository may have suffered some damage in the course of pulling
    it from the mysterious site of its origin. You are invited to join
    us in restoring and improving the artifact.