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Jonathan "Duke" Leto

Get 'em All

If you are feeling really stalkerish, feel free to clone the repo of all my presentations:

git clone git://

Talks and Presentations



  • PL/Perl6: Butterflies in your Postresql database tex pdf video Portland, Oregon, PDXPug Day 2011

  • Writing Perl 6 Modules tex pdf Portland, Oregon,, July 2011

  • Visual Introduction to Parrot Virtual Machine tex pdf Asheville, NC, YAPC::NA June 2011

  • Lightning Talk: Sol Genomics Network tex pdf Asheville, NC, YAPC::NA June 2011

  • Doing the Jitterbug: Continuous Integration with Git tex pdf Bellginham, Washington, LinuxFest Northwest, 2011

  • Introduction to Mimosa, GMOD Conference, April 2011 tex pdf




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