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@leto authored
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32 _config.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+markdown: rdiscount
+pygments: true
+name: Jonathan "Duke" Leto
+location: Portland, OR
+github: leto
+identica: leto
+twitter: dukeleto
+default_donation: 5
+default_currency: USD
+dwolla_account_id: 812-529-3608
+dwolla_memo: Here is a donation for your valuable work.
+dwolla_repeat_donation: 1
+bitcoin_address: 15pwvXdXo8XxJbQhG41d9xtDmr2UoCXoPP
4 index.html
@@ -10,8 +10,7 @@
-Here are some projects that I hack on, which you may want to support with a possibly
-small, but always generous donation to yours truly:
+Here are some projects that I hack on:
@@ -23,3 +22,4 @@
<li><a href="">Free Your Self</a> - The software that runs this site!</li>
+If you want to support the development of any of these projects, then I would greatly appreciate a donation:
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