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Add an entry about making RegExp compilation lazy in FF

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@@ -9,6 +9,17 @@ title: Jonathan "Duke" Leto
> I have commit bits to dozens of free and open source projects and have been actively contributing
to projects for about fifteen years in a dozen languages.
+### Helped reduce startup memory use in Firefox
+Before this work, all regular expressions in the Firefox Javascript engine (Spidermonkey) were
+compiled and put into memory on startup, even if they are never used. I helped Chris Leary
+to [make regular expressions](
+which means they are only compiled (and hence use memory)
+when they are first used. This greatly reduces the startup memory footprint, which makes Firefox
+start faster as well. I was also added to the [about:credits](about:credits) in Firefox for this work.
### [parrot-libgit2](
parrot-libgit2 are bindings for Parrot Virtual Machine to libgit2, the

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