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=head1 TODO
=head2 List of Things that you can do to help Math::GSL
* Use Math::GSL in your calculations and tell people about it!
* Submit examples showing the use of Math::GSL to do everyday calculations
* Make HTML version of Math::GSL POD look nicer
* Fix something in KNOWN_BUGS
* Add tests for the functions in Math::GSL::Randist
* Test and submit bug reports to make Math::GSL work with Windows/Strawberry Perl/Darwin/Solaris
* Add overloading to normal arithmetic operators (like Math::MatrixReal) in
Vector, VectorComplex, Matrix, MatrixComplex, possibly others
* Make passing parameters to function references work properly
* Investigate serialization of Math::GSL::Vector/Matrix objects
* Investigate static linking issues
=head2 Maybe
* PDL interoperability :
my $matrix = Math::GSL::Matrix->new(50,50);
my $pdl = $matrix->as_pdl();
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