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=head1 List of Known Bugs in Math::GSL
* OO interface to NTuples is only a stub
* Only NTuples of integers are currently supported
* Reading NTuples from a file is broken, since ->swig_ntuple_data_get returns a SWIG-encoded void pointer to the data
* Mathieu Functions currently do not work.
* The implementation of callbacks in Math::GSL is duct tape and paper clips. It is very sensitive
to new and exotic platforms and compilers. UPDATE: This has been much improved by Vincent Danjean.
* Math::GSL subclasses Module::Build and generates compile flags based on system characteristics,
shouldn't this be in Module::Build ?
* FFT's stopped working! We need some good unit tests, the current one does not use trusted data
* gsl_set_error_handler_off() does not return a gsl_error_handler_t
* gsl_histogram2d_clone() does not return a gsl_histogram_t
* gsl_vector_complex_scale() does not exist in underlying GSL library (will be in GSL 1.12 )
* gsl_monte_function is b0rked
* gsl_min_fminimizer_iterate = exploding hamster
* gsl_root_fsolver_iterate = exploding hamster
* gsl_fft_real_radix2_transform is b0rked (it worked at one point...)
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