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=head1 Math::GSL Changes
- added random method in Math::GSL::Matrix (Rui Meira)
- added Math::GSL::Multiset (standard gsl API and Perl OO)
=head1 v0.40 - ??? 2016
- gsl_linalg_givens now works
- gsl_vector_const_subvector is now exported properly
- Support for Sparse Matrices was added
- Documentation for Math::GSL::Rstat, Math::GSL::SparseMatrix,
- Math::GSL::Multifit now requires GSL 2.1 and higher
- Math::GSL::Rstat now requires GSL 2.1 and higher
=head1 v0.39 - September 2016
- Fix Debian Bug reported by Niko Tyni
- Extensive fixes to allow GSL 1.15 and GSL 1.16
to continue to work with GSL 2.x
- GSL 1.11 - 1.14 are no longer supported
=head1 v0.38 - September 2016
- Fixes for compiling against various GSL
versions (thanks CPANtesters!)
=head1 v0.37 - September 2016
- Support for GSL 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
- Multilarge subsystem added for GSL >= 2.1
=head1 v0.36 - Fri Mar 25 23:32:03 PDT 2016
- Fixed error messages on Matrix set_col and set_row
methods (Jon Schutz)
- Implemented array-based Bessel functions:
=head1 v0.35 - April 2015
- Remotion of trailing whitespaces (Shlomi Fish)
- Documentation fixes (Shlomi Fish)
- Remotion of PkgConfig from runtime requirements
(Bartosz Jakubski)
- Indentation fixes (Bartosz Jakubski)
- Installation feedback improvements (Bartosz Jakubski)
=head1 v0.34 - December 2014
- Fixed bug on uncleared error variable (5.8.9)
- Added OO transpose method for matrices (Ivan Baidakou)
=head1 v0.33 - September 2014
- Added OO code for RNG->shuffle, RNG->choose and RNG->sample.
- Complain when opening (fopen) a file from a tainted string.
- Complex now has operator overloading for +,-, ==, !=, *, /
- Added write/load methods to save a matrix to file.
=head1 v0.32 - June 2014
- Correctly split the compiler name.
- Added OO code to the QRNG module.
- Fixed QRNG code that was failing on some machines.
=head1 v0.31 - June 2014
- Fixed Matrix multiplication that was forcing square matrices.
=head1 v0.30 - June 2014
- Fixed generated C files with wrong GSL version numbers.
- Refactored Build.PL in order to use either gsl-config or PkgConfig.
- Change Build.PL to return 0 when GSL library not found.
- Use PkgConfig instead of ExtUtils::PkgConfig.
- Math::GSL::Matrix constructor from a GSL matrix.
- Reorganization on the Math::GSL::Matrix documentation.
- Add symbols introduced on gsl 1.15.
- Fixed in the correct way the prove/TAP::Harness problem.
=head1 v0.29 - June 2014
- Fix issue when prove/TAP::Harness uses lib/ modules instead of blib/ ones.
- Add functions introduced in gsl 1.16.
- Fix issue when compiling on some Linuxes.
- Math::GSL ->each method.
- Math::GSL ->max and ->min methods.
- Math::GSL ->dim method.
- Math::GSL ->set_elem and ->get_elem methods.
- Math::GSL concat_vertically and concat_horizontally.
=head1 v0.28 - Jan 2014
- Fix build errors with clang
- Improve POD to play nice with Perl 5.18
- Teach Math::GSL about new functions added in GSL 1.16
- Added 1D minimization tests
=head1 v0.27 - July 2012
- Mathieu functions are now accessible
- Improved detection of gsl
- Fix bug in calling ->get() method on Math::GSL::Vectors
- Greatly improved HTML formatting of documentation
=head1 v0.26 - September 2011
- The Math::GSL::Min and Math::GSL::Roots are now functional - Yury Zavarin
- Dirichlet random distribution support and greatly increased docs by Tom Nishimura <>
- gsl_version() function which returns the version of GSL being used by Tom Nishimura <>
- Fix '-bundle not allowed with -dynamiclib' build error on Mac OS X - Yury Zavarin
- Build swig wrappers for different versions of GSL (1.11 - 1.15) - Yury Zavarin
- Minimum SWIG version is now 2.x (only required for developers using the git repo)
- Removed deprecated stuff from Build.PL and added Module::Build to configure_requires
- Many small documentation improvements
- Fix build on Windows - Sisyphus
=head1 v0.25 - April 2011
- TODO RT#66882 properly so that a stable release with a passing test suite can be used.
=head1 v0.24 - April 2011
- Fix (Tests fail on Perl's with DUSELONGDOUBLE)
=head1 v0.23 - March 2011
- Fixed the tolerance of some tests that were causing CPANtesters failures
- Fixed some doc typos
=head1 v0.22 - June 2010
- Improved tests
- == and != operators for Vectors
- Fixed the export of hypergeometric functions (Thierry Moisan)
- In instantiation of GSLBuilder in Build.PL, the value for the parameter
include_dirs were corrected to an anonymous empty array, instead of an
empty string. (Jakob Ilves)
- Operator overloading of vector equality (Thierry Moisan)
- Various doc fixes (Pjotr Prins)
- Typemap fixes (Vincent Danjean)
=head1 v0.20 - May 19 2009
- $rng->get($n) will now return the next $n values of the random number generator
- Fixed + added test for RT#45044 math-gsl eigenpair bug, reported with patch by Ian Malone
- Added more tests for Randist
- Fixed some incorrectly written tests for BLAS and Linalg
- Improved NTuple support and tests
- Improvements to callbacks, thanks to patches from piotrj
- The following improvements were merged from Vincent Danjean's git repo:
- Fixed some memory leaks caused by in-typemaps without argout-typemaps
- Improved portable callback implementation
- Correct handling of double, float and size_t on x64
- Removed duplicate definition of fopen/fclose in VectorComplex
- Fix bug where proper flags to SWIG were not passed
=head1 v0.18 - March 23 2009
- Make Math::GSL play nice with GSL 1.12
- Added swap() to Vector objects with tests and docs
- Added p-norms to Vector objects via norm() and normalize()
- Added operator overloading so that
abs $vector == $vector->norm
- Added as_vector() to Matrix and MatrixComplex objects
- Added inverse(), is_square(), det(), lndet(), zero() and identity()
to Matrix objects
- Added inverse(), is_square(), det(), lndet(), zero(), identity()
and hermitian() to MatrixComplex objects
- Added dot product to Matrix objects
- Fixed various typos in documentation
- Fixed warnings about overloaded operators in Matrix and BLAS
- Overloaded '==' and '!=' for MatrixComplex and Matrix objects
- Fixed amd64 -fPIC compile failure
- Added tests to Monte and refactor Sort tests
- Refactored and improve error checking in callback interface
- Fixed 'NaN' test failures (thanks CPANtesters!)
=head1 v0.16 - December 14 2008 (Happy Snowpocalypse PDX!)
- Fixed RT#40947: configure_requires ExtUtils::PkgConfig bug
- Added reverse() and swap() methods to VectorComplex objects with tests and docs
- as_list() and get() now work on VectorComplex objects
as_list() returns a list of Math::Complex objects
get() returns a list of Math::GSL::Complex objects
- Math::GSL::Test::ok_status() now takes an optional message argument
- Added Math::GSL::Test::is_status_ok()
- New subsytems: VectorComplex and MatrixComplex
- Operator overloading for addition and subtraction with vectors
- Added example: examples/matrix/nonsymmetric_eigen
Shows how to find the eigenvalues of a nonsymmetric matrix
- Added copy() method to vectors
- Improved Vector docs
- Sped up vector dot products by 15x using BLAS function gsl_blas_ddot
NOTE: using gsl_blas_ddot($x->raw,$y->raw) directly is still about 10 times faster
than $x * $y due to error checking and function call overhead
- Separated POD and Perl code out of SWIG interface files, yay for proper syntax
- Added stub test files for Heapsort, IEEEUtils, Multimin, Siman, Wavelet2D
- All test files now keep track of how many tests should run
- Fix an include bug in Histogram2D which caused the build to fail (Thierry)
- Operator overloading for addition, multiplication and subtraction on Matrix objects (Thierry)
=head1 v0.14 - October 21 2008
- Chebyshev Series Approximation, with tests and docs
- Examples and new documentation in Statistics, as well as tests (Thierry)
- Bugfixes relating to compiling on 64bit Red Hat Linux, reported by Michael Roberge
- Improved FFT, Deriv, Integration, Chebyshev, Combination and Roots docs
- Documentation for Math::GSL::Test
- Improved introduction examples in Math::GSL
- Improved Minimization subsystem tests, but it is not functional
- Added examples/fft/forward_real
- Added example/deriv/basic
This shows the simple fact that d/dx(sin(x)) = cos(x)
- Added example/sf/erfc_check (thanks to Keith Lofstrom)
Script which tests the erfc() special function against computing
the integral definition with gsl_integration_qagiu()
- Added example/vector/speed
This shows a considerable performance boost using Math::GSL::Vectors
instead of List::Util when searching for the min and max elements of
large sets of random numbers.
- Fixed return signature of gsl_deriv_* functions to return a flat list
- Fixed some failing tests relating to -Duselongdouble (Sisyphus)
- Fix location of shared objects (Sisyphus)
- Added raw() method to RNG objects
=head1 v0.12 - September 14 2008
- Darwin support!
- Minimum Perl version changed to 5.8.0
- Make platform check compile time constants for performance
aka The Wilhelm Speedup (thanks to Eric Wilhelm <>)
- FFT for real data
- Numerical derivatives fully implemented
- Integration subsystem, gsl_integrate_qags() and gsl_integrate_qagi(), etc..
- QNG : Non-adaptive Gaussian (uses fixed number of sample points in interval)
- QAG(S) : Adaptive Gaussian (Singluar) (slices interval up based on properties of the function)
- QAGI : Adaptive Gaussian with infinite integration range
- other are supported but not tested
- Initial Monte tests
- Initial Multiroots tests
- More nan/inf fixes on MSWin32 from <>
- Stripping of binaries on Windows, which significantly reduces size
from <>
- Full support and tests for all functions in the Sort subsystem
- Added 'examples/benchmark/sort' to show performance of gsl_sort()
- Added 'examples/clicker/chart' to show graphing of functions
- Added 'examples/gsl_repl' which is a rapid prototyping tool/interactive interpreter
- Compile support for GSL's as old as 1.8 (test suite still needs to be properly guarded)
=head1 v0.10
- Continued porting to MSWin32, fixing many NaN and Inf handling issues
=head1 v0.08
- Large documentation improvements
- MSWin32 support thanks to testing and feedback from <>
=head1 v0.07
- Initial CPAN release
=head1 v0.042
- Started change to Test::Class
=head1 v0.01
- Added swig interface files and swig-ified build script
- initial tests for special function library gsl_sf <--> Math::GSL::Sf
- Proof Of Concept: makegsl and testgsl