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gsl_histogram2d_clone() does not return a gsl_histogram_t #14

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gsl_histogram2d_clone() do cloning only for histograms with setted values
(you can find it in source code for gsl_histogram2d_calloc_range() that calls from gsl_histogram2d_clone()

you can execute something like
gsl_histogram2d_set_ranges_uniform($self->{H}, 1, 100, 1, 100);
in test for CLONE before calling gsl_histogram2d_clone() and test will pass

POD for gsl_histogram2d_clone() also needs in a little modification explaining this behavior


Hmm, however after this it returns Math::GSL::Histogram2D::gsl_histogram2d instead of Math::GSL::Histogram2D.


I think that is fine. This is a "raw" function, which is available for those that like a C-ish coding style and want the fastest code. For those that want an OO-interface, we will create Math::GSL::Histogram2D objects that have a raw() method which returns the underlying Math::GSL::Histogram2D::gsl_histogram2d like other subsystems do.

Thanks for the hint about cloning and having ranges set!

@leto leto closed this in b848634
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