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Many people deserve recoginition for their help with Math::MatrixReal:
* Many thanks to Steffen Beyer <> himself for being very
open to third-party additions. (Of course, this acknowledgment is due to Rodolphe. :-)
Steffen Beyer released the original Math::MatrixReal and maintained it
until v1.3a5, then handed off to Jonathan Leto <>.
* Rodolphe Ortalo <> for many contributions.
* As always, many thanks to Andreas Koenig <>
for his relentless support and efforts as upload manager of the CPAN!
* Also many thanks to Stu Smith <> for raising the questions
concerning the "new_from_string()" method (whose documentation was mis-
leading and incomplete)!
* Mike South <> for the new_from_cols() and new_from_rows() functions
that were integrated from Math::MatrixReal::Ext1
* Everybody involved with CPAN Testers, thanks guys/gals!
Current Maintainer: Jonathan Leto <>
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