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# Old Installation Instructions (should still work):
## Preliminary steps for use with Perl prior to version 5.002:
Edit the "Makefile.PL" file in this package and change the line
'VERSION' => '2.04',
## How to install it:
Please unpack and build this package OUTSIDE the Perl source and distribution
1) Change directory to the directory that has been created by unpacking this
package ("Math-MatrixReal-1.3/").
2) Type "perl Makefile.PL".
(Or whatever the name and path of your Perl 5 binary is)
Alternatively you can type, e.g., "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/home/doe"
to install the module in the home directory, e.g. John Doe...
3) Type "make".
3.5) Optionally, type "make test" to test the build and/or benchmark
your system a little.
4) Type "make install".
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