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Solve Ordinary Differential Equations in Perl

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       Math::ODE - Solve N-th Order Ordinary Differential

       This module allows you to solve N-th Order Ordinary
       Differential Equations with as little pain as possible.
       Currently, only IVP's (initial value problems) are
       supported, but native support for BVP's (boundary value
       problems) may be added in the future. To solve N-th order
       equations, you must first turn it into a system of N first
       order equations, as in MATLAB.

               use Math::ODE;
               # create new object that stores data in a file
               # and solve the given equation(s) on the interval
               # [0,10], with initial condition y(t0) = 0
               my $o = new Math::ODE ( file => '/home/user/ode-values.txt',
                               step => 0.1,
                               initial => [0],
                               DE => [ \&DE1 ],
                               t0 => 1,
                               tf => 10 );
               # solve the equation y' = 1/$t
               # $t is the independent variable, a scalar
               # $y is the dependent variable, an array reference
               sub DE1 { my ($t,$y) = @_; return 1/$t; }

More documentation included with module in POD format.

Jonathan Leto <>
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