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=head1 ROADMAP
=head2 To be Done
* Port iStrongLucasSelfridge(mpz_t) from spec/bpsw/trn.c , this will be is_strong_lucas_pseudoprime()
* Port iBPSW from spec/bpsw/bpsw1.c
is_prime($N) <==> iBPSW(N,1)
This is basically trial division, followed by a is_strong_pseudoprime(),
followed by a is_strong_lucas_pseudoprime()
There are many optimizations to made for small arguments
Main function: is_prime(), to replace Math::PARI::is_prime()
It may take optional arguments for power-users, but we want to have a really
simple function for people to call like this:
is_prime($x) ? foo() : bar();
which "does what I mean."
** next_prime()
This function is merely a wrapper around is_prime(), which takes a starting
number and increments it until is_prime() returns true and then returns that
This should only require a small number of tests, most of the work is in making
the necessary components of is_prime().
=head2 Hairy Details
* Math::GMPz implements all the hairy details of GMP
=head2 Other Possibilities
=head2 Already Done
* Port iMillerRabin from spec/bpsw/trn.c , this will be is_strong_pseudoprime()
* implement base b pseudoprime test, a.k.a n is in psp(b)
this is is_pseudoprime()
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