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#!/usr/bin/evn perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
#use Carp::Always;
use Math::GMPz qw/:mpz/;
use_ok ('Math::Primality::BigPolynomial' );
my $b = Math::Primality::BigPolynomial->new([1,3,7]);
isa_ok($b, 'Math::Primality::BigPolynomial');
is($b->getCoef(0), 1, 'coef(0) is 1');
is($b->getCoef(1), 3, 'coef(1) is 3');
is($b->getCoef(2), 7, 'coef(2) is 7');
is($b->getCoef(3), undef, 'coef(3) is undef');
is($b->getCoef(-1), undef, 'coef(-1) is undef');
is($b->getCoef(-10), undef, 'coef(-10) is undef');
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