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Commits on May 24, 2011
  1. @dougt

    Bug 641010 - crash [@][@ ][@ libd…

    dougt authored
    … ][@ ]. The way we were creating new java strings was leaky in a few places, and non-null terminated in others. This could/does results in a bunch of random crashes that will not show up in crash reporter. Basically, if you want to always make sure that you have a local frame and never use our low level string apis that don't terminate when creating java strings. r=mwu a=sheriff
    extra : rebase_source : 738907fefb747c5259e7ca53a53cae9ecf75b105
  2. @khuey
  3. @khuey
  4. @bzbarsky

    Bug 659207. Don't inline a constructor that consumers can't actually …

    bzbarsky authored
    …inline without statically linking to JS. r=luke a=sheriff
  5. @leibovic

    Bug 616136 - Give popup notification panels role="alert" and make the…

    leibovic authored
    …ir close buttons tabbable. r=gavin
  6. @dholbert
  7. @dholbert

    Bug 658949 patch 1: Teach nsDataHandler::ParseURI about #ref, and tra…

    dholbert authored
    …nsfer 'isRefValid' flag in nsSimpleURI::Clone. r=bz
  8. @dholbert
  9. @bjacob

    Bug 657748 - Update ANGLE to r653 - a=joe

    bjacob authored
    This ANGLE update fixes bugs, brings large performance improvements, and adds major new features that web devs are looking forward to: vertex shader texture lookup and float textures.
    This update is also needed because the version we're currently using is the chrome_m10 branch and that's no longer maintained. This update will make it much easier to apply security fixes if needed.
  10. @dbolter

    Bug 653601 - aria-selected ignored for ARIA tabs, patch=davidb, tbsau…

    dbolter authored
    …nde; tests=davidb, tbsaunde, marcoz; r=surkov, a=sheriff
  11. @tbsaunde

    Bug 648133 - Fire state change event for aria-busy, patch=davidb, tbs…

    tbsaunde authored
    …aunde; r=surkov, a=sheriff
  12. @mounirlamouri

    Merge backout. a=backout

    mounirlamouri authored
  13. @mounirlamouri
  14. @mounirlamouri

    Merge backout. a=backout

    mounirlamouri authored
  15. @mounirlamouri
  16. @jmathies

    Bug 651093 - Don't let the file picker on Windows add to the recent d…

    jmathies authored
    …oc list when in privacy mode. Also expose a prop on the interface that gives devs control over 'add to recent docs' behavior. r=dougt, sr=gavin a=mak
  17. Bug 659229 - Remove MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL checks in GfxInfoX11.cpp r=ted,…

    Matheus Kerschbaum authored
    …Callek a=mak
  18. @glandium
  19. @dholbert
  20. @dholbert

    Bug 658949 patch 1: Teach nsDataHandler::ParseURI about #ref, and tra…

    dholbert authored
    …nsfer 'isRefValid' flag in nsSimpleURI::Clone. r=bz
  21. @dholbert
  22. @dholbert
  23. @dholbert

    Bug 659187: Make member vars in nsMemoryReporterManager.h match order…

    dholbert authored
    …ing in constructor init list, to fix build warning. r=njn
  24. @dholbert

    Bug 659177: Update signature of nsAboutProtocolHandler::StartClone so…

    dholbert authored
    … that it continues overriding inherited method. r=bz a=sheriff
    extra : rebase_source : 50a7c76c3ce1d6988161047ee534b50f84bd26eb
  25. @mihaisucan

    Bug 655776 - Web Developer > Get More Tools menu item. r=dao ui-r=limi

    mihaisucan authored
    extra : rebase_source : a37492d3dd0fe37f9756351b2bc0b1835af66ac8
  26. Bug 647886 - Pulling down Back/Forward menu requires an unnecessary d…

    Dão Gottwald authored
    …elay. r=sdwilsh
    extra : rebase_source : a2628b38bd336925155bb05b53b407a11b7a3df2
  27. @jduell

    Bug 646373 - Fix AdBlock2 on fennec (nsITraceableChannel.setNewListen…

    jduell authored
    …er() is unimplemented under e10s.) r=honza, a=queue
  28. @jduell
  29. @steven-michaud

    Bug 621117 - Support native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on O…

    steven-michaud authored
    …S X. r=josh,bsmedberg a=sheriff
  30. @steven-michaud
  31. @steven-michaud
  32. Fix build bustage, a=sheriff

    Michael Ventnor authored
  33. Bug 566489 - Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter fo…

    Michael Ventnor authored
    …r URLs r=sdwilsh sr=gavin a=sheriff
  34. @bazigor
Commits on May 9, 2011
  1. @jlebar

    Bug 653741 - You should be able to scoll back to the current anchor b…

    jlebar authored
    …y focusing the location bar and pressing <enter>. r=bz
    extra : rebase_source : fde3ce1083868e7d398c626628344bc521224666
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