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Commits on Dec 21, 2010
  1. @michaelwu

    bug 620584 - add ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME rather than hard code org.mozil…

    michaelwu committed
    …la.@MOZ_APP_NAME@ r=ted,blassy a=stuart
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
    extra : transplant_source : %CD%DD%FC9%9D%F3X%EE%40%E6Z%FB0%7ED%83%AE%5C%AD%A6
Commits on Dec 15, 2010
  1. Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_RELEASE for changeset abe884259481. CLOSED TRE…

    ffxbld committed
    …E a=release
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
  2. Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD1 for changeset abe884259481. CLOSED TREE…

    ffxbld committed
    … a=release
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
  3. Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b8_BUILD1 for changeset d78f9cb65e91. CLOSED TRE…

    ffxbld committed
    …E a=release
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
  4. Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b8_RELEASE for changeset d78f9cb65e91. CLOSED TR…

    ffxbld committed
    …EE a=release
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
  5. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    ffxbld committed
    …firefox 4.0b8 release. CLOSED TREE a=release
    branch : GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
Commits on Dec 14, 2010
  1. @dvander

    Don't build cross-eval upvars for heavyweight functions (bug 616762, …

    dvander committed
    …r=brendan, a=CLOSED TREE).
  2. @gavinsharp

    Forgotten change from bug 613714 (99cdd78edfe4) to fix prompts style …

    gavinsharp committed
    …on Windows for b8, a=CLOSED TREE
  3. @nthomas-mozilla
  4. @nthomas-mozilla

    Bug 599475, re-enable crash reporter and punycode tests, r=ted.mielcz…

    nthomas-mozilla committed
    …arek, a=blocking-beta8 CLOSED TREE
  5. @jfkthame

    bug 618592 - fix harfbuzz hang on lookup with empty rule. r=behdad a=…

    jfkthame committed
    …blocking-beta8 for landing on a CLOSED TREE
  6. @philikon
  7. @philikon
  8. Bug 618942 - window closes when picking a location bar result with al…

    Dão Gottwald committed
    …t+enter in a window with only one blank tab. r+a=gavin
  9. @k0s
  10. @birtles
  11. @michaelwu
  12. @michaelwu
Commits on Dec 13, 2010
  1. @philor

    Bug 618759 - Stop putting bloaturls.txt and bloatcycle.html in dist/b…

    philor committed
    …in/res/ where nothing wants them, r+a=ted
    extra : rebase_source : 1d8006b267c4916e22aa07ab04b2caa691512f16
Commits on Dec 12, 2010
  1. Bug 612042: Set extend mode properly for integer translations. r=joed…

    Bas Schouten committed
    …rew a=blocking-betan
  2. @asurkov
Commits on Dec 11, 2010
  1. @rnewman
  2. @rnewman
  3. @rnewman
  4. @rnewman
  5. @rnewman
  6. @philikon
  7. Bug 597946 - ANGLE compiler freezes on shader with bad #ifdef (ANGLE …

    Benoit Jacob committed
    …bug 40) - r=vlad, a=blocking-betaN
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
  1. @rnewman
  2. @rnewman
  3. @zpao

    Bug 597788 - Pressing the 'Sync Now' button in the new firefox menu/b…

    zpao committed
    …utton breaks the firefox menu/button. r=dolske, a=blocking
  4. @romaxa
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