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Tag: FENNEC_4_0b5_B…
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
  1. @bslassey

    bug 634530 - Fennec fails to startup on Droid Pro when the device is …

    bslassey authored
    …connected to PC via USB r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec CLOSED TREE
    branch : GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
  2. Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_RELEASE for changeset ca4499e291e4. CLOSED TRE…

    ffxbld authored
    …E a=release
    branch : GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
  3. Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD1 for changeset ca4499e291e4. CLOSED TREE…

    ffxbld authored
    … a=release
    branch : GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
  4. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    ffxbld authored
    …fennec 4.0b5 release on GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE a=release
    branch : GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
  5. @dholbert

    Bug 632143 patch 4: Extend SVGxxxList mochitest to check animVal up-t…

    dholbert authored
    …o-date-ness after baseVal's length is mutated. r=roc a=tests
  6. @dholbert

    Bug 632143 patch 3: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, fo…

    dholbert authored
    …r DOMSVGPathSegList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
  7. @dholbert

    Bug 632143 patch 2: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, f…

    dholbert authored
    …or DOMSVGPointList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
  8. @jwatt

    Bug 632143 patch 1: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, fo…

    jwatt authored
    …r DOMSVGLengthList and DOMSVGNumberList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
  9. @dholbert

    Bug 632143 patch 0: Add helper-method 'UpdateListIndicesFromIndex' to…

    dholbert authored
    … DOMSVGxxxList classes. r=roc a=blocking-final+
  10. @dholbert
  11. Bug 620413 useless check of stopFrame in nsSVGGradientFrame::GetStopI… authored
    r=longsonr a=dbaron
  12. Bug 617749 useless null check in nsSVGGlyphFrame::IsAbsolutelyPositioned authored
    r=jwatt a=dbaron
  13. Bug 631509 - Don't enforce a size on add-on toolbar button icons. r=m…

    Dão Gottwald authored
    …stange a=beltzner
  14. Bug 629841 - Remove padding from .toolbarbutton-1 with menu-button ty…

    Dão Gottwald authored
    …pe. r=mstange
  15. Bug 626214 - Tweak background tab textures. r=shorlander

    Dão Gottwald authored
  16. Bug 621481 - App tab icons shift upwards when closing a normal tab. r…

    Dão Gottwald authored
  17. Bug 633723 - Add-ons "Loading ..." notification has anti-aliased corn…

    Dão Gottwald authored
    …ers. r=Unfocused
  18. @hsivonen
  19. @mattwoodrow
  20. @mattwoodrow
  21. @jmathies

    Bug 628872 - BBC iplayer fullscreen function broken since FF4 beta 9.…

    jmathies authored
    …, a=blocker
  22. Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder ob…

    Andreas Gal authored
    …ject (bug 633382, r=mrbkap/jst, a=blocker).
  23. @wesj

    Bug 631058 - Part 2 -Only decode Only decode metadata for preload=met…

    wesj authored
    …adata. This has the fix ups that cpearce requires. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
  24. @dougt
  25. @wesj

    Bug 631058 - Part 2 -Only decode Only decode metadata for preload=met…

    wesj authored
    …adata. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
  26. @wesj
  27. @wesj

    Bug 631058 - Part 1 - Allow specifying default preload behavior throu…

    wesj authored
    …gh a pref. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
  28. @mattwoodrow
  29. @mattwoodrow

    Bug 622585 - Disable texture wrapping for intermediate surface in Ope…

    mattwoodrow authored
    …nGL. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
  30. @mattwoodrow

    Bug 622585 - Fix logic deciding when to flip the scissor rect in Open…

    mattwoodrow authored
    …GL layer. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
  31. @zpao

    Bug 627642 - Don't restore session into a new window if only the home…

    zpao authored
    … page is open [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
  32. @atlight

    Bug 590867 - It is difficult to display context menu "Exit Full Scree…

    atlight authored
    …n Mode" by right-clicking, if browser is "Tabs on Top"; r=dietrich ui-r=faaborg a=beltzner
  33. Bug 620312 crash [@ nsTableFrame::InsertCol] because lastColGroup gua… authored
    …rd did not cover lastColGroup->GetColCount() r=bernd a=dbaron
  34. @dolske

    Bug 613800 - A Race Condition when closing inactive tab with alerts i…

    dolske authored
    …n OnBeforeUnload; r=jst a=blocking-final
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
  1. @Mossop

    Bug 628902: Don't include nonstandard add-on types in AMO metadata pi…

    Mossop authored
    …ng. r=Unfocused, a=sdwilsh
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