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tag: FENNEC_A2
Commits on Dec 22, 2008
  1. Additional crashtest fix follow up from bug 399227 - catch errors thr…

    Mark Banner authored
    …own by functions that now fail, so that the test completes properly
  2. Bug 460669 - Installing Firefox writes incorrect file paths to Defau…

    Robert Strong authored
    …ltIcon and open command. r=jmathies
  3. @jswalden

    Fix some warnings blamed on me that were pointed out by bsmedberg's w…

    jswalden authored
    …arning-blame scripts. Trivial change, no review, testingonly anyway
  4. Crashtest fix follow up from bug 399227 - Add missing removeAttribute…

    Mark Banner authored
    … to let the crashtests finish
  5. Bug 399227 Crash @ nsTreeSelection::GetSingle, null mTree. r=enndeaki…

    Mark Banner authored
  6. @mak77
  7. Add copy of .ttf font with .eot extension for testing

    John Daggett authored
  8. Bug 458160 - Reftests for .otf fonts. r+sr=dbaron

    John Daggett authored
Commits on Dec 21, 2008
  1. @dolske
  2. Bug 400822 - Cert Viewer crashes when encountering improperly encoded…

    Kaspar Brand authored
    … GeneralNames (in AIA or CDP extensions) [@ ProcessGeneralName]; r=kaie
  3. @KaiRo-at

    bug 469331 - [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html fails, mark the test tod…

    KaiRo-at authored
    …o on SeaMonkey for now, r=dbaron
  4. @dolske
  5. @philor

    Bug 469573 - Remove the unused mangle.c that creates a long filename …

    philor authored
    …to 8.3 mangler for Win95, since it's confusing having two very different mangle.c's around, r=ted
  6. Bug 470165 - Cleanup the GTK nsFilePicker code; r+sr=roc

    Michael Ventnor authored
  7. @sid0
  8. @jfkthame

    Bug 463806 - [PATCH][@font-face] Downloaded font activation on Mac ma…

    jfkthame authored
    …y fail due to ATS cache corruption; r=(jdaggett + roc) sr=roc
  9. @longsonr
Commits on Dec 20, 2008
  1. @dolske
  2. Bug 466057, r+sr=bz

    Olli Pettay authored
  3. Merge for "Backed out changeset: 9990da98d7b7" of

    Serge Gautherie authored
    Add a crashtest for bug 460706. r=sicking
    which does crash actually :-/
  4. Merge for "Backed out changeset: 4fbb9483d7e6" of

    Serge Gautherie authored
    Bug 456219 - fix background clipping with rounded corners; r+sr=roc
    which all/4 tests are failing on MacOSX
  5. Backed out changeset: 9990da98d7b7

    Serge Gautherie authored
  6. Backed out changeset: 4fbb9483d7e6

    Serge Gautherie authored
  7. Merge for "Backed out changeset: 8b5a38ba459a" of

    Serge Gautherie authored
    Bug 462497 - nsComponentManagerImpl::HashContractID() reenters mMon; r=benjamin
    which does not compile
  8. Backed out changeset: 8b5a38ba459a

    Serge Gautherie authored
  9. @mrbkap
  10. @dolske
  11. @yanovich
  12. @petervanderbeken
  13. Bug 467423 - Painting stops in this case, using -moz-transform: scale…

    Jeff Muizelaar authored
    …, rotate and video; r=vladimir
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