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Commits on Feb 10, 2009
  1. @bslassey
  2. @vvuk
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  11. @dbaron
  12. @dbaron

    Fix remaining occurrences of 'ERROR FAIL' in the tree (other than tho…

    dbaron authored
    …se fixed in bug 468913). (Bug 477869) r=ted
  13. @dbaron

    Fix the ignoring of load events for previous documents check so that …

    dbaron authored
    …it also works for (most) cases of the assertion check. (Bug 477409) r=jruderman
  14. @dbaron

    Remove the aBits parameter from ReLayoutChildren, given that what it …

    dbaron authored
    …does blows away the distinction between NS_FRAME_IS_DIRTY and NS_FRAME_HAS_DIRTY_CHILDREN. (Bug 477294) r+sr=bzbarsky
  15. @sayrer


    sayrer authored
  16. @sayrer

    Merge tm to m-c

    sayrer authored
  17. Bug 88831 Support new IME API "Text Services Framework" from Office X…

    Jim Chen authored
    …P and Windows XP (relanding)
    rename : content/events/src/nsQueryContentEventHandler.cpp => content/events/src/nsContentEventHandler.cpp
    rename : content/events/src/nsQueryContentEventHandler.h => content/events/src/nsContentEventHandler.h
  18. @dholbert

    Bug 461047 follow-up patch - Fix a number of small issues from the ns…

    dholbert authored
    …StringArray to nsTArray<nsString> switchover, mostly related to signed vs unsigned array sizes. r+sr=roc
  19. @mrbkap

    Bug 477128 - Don't throw if XPCNativeWrapper is called as a function …

    mrbkap authored
    …but passed a primitive value to allow for safe primitive testing. r+sr=jst
  20. Crash test for bug 421671 and bug 444027.

    Mats Palmgren authored
  21. @masayuki-nakano
  22. @graydon

    Bug 477425 - Fix pathological doubling in Fragmento uncovered by new …

    graydon authored
    …pressure on lirbuf, r=jorendorff.
  23. @masayuki-nakano

    Backing out the TSF patch of bug 88831. This might cause a timeout fa…

    masayuki-nakano authored
    …ilure on test_keycodes.xul
    rename : content/events/src/nsContentEventHandler.cpp => content/events/src/nsQueryContentEventHandler.cpp
    rename : content/events/src/nsContentEventHandler.h => content/events/src/nsQueryContentEventHandler.h
  24. @romaxa
  25. Bug 466745: Upgraded NSS to NSS_3_12_3_BETA3.

    Wan-Teh Chang authored
  26. @bzbarsky

    Bug 477333. Make sure to skip over editor's bogus anon content when d…

    bzbarsky authored
    …ealing with first-letter too. r+sr=dbaron
  27. Substitute operation counting with a watchdog thread (477187, 2nd att…

    Andreas Gal authored
    …empt, r=brendan/mrbkap/jst, sr=brendan/jst).
  28. Merge.

    Andreas Gal authored
  29. Backing out bug 477187. Breaks xpcshell.

    Andreas Gal authored
  30. Merge.

    Andreas Gal authored
  31. Substitute operation counting with a watchdog thread (477187, r=brend…

    Andreas Gal authored
    …an/mrbkap/jst, sr=brendan/jst).
  32. @graydon
  33. @graydon
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