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tag: FIREFOX_3_1b2_…

Nov 28, 2008

  1. Bug 467124: change window title/installer filename for b2, r=gavin, a…

    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    Mike Beltzner authored

Nov 27, 2008

  1. bug 466894: fix MAR generation for locales. r=bhearsum - relbranch la…

    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    Axel Hecht authored

Nov 25, 2008

  1. bhearsum

    Bump JS milestone.txt file manually (because automation didn't know a…

    …nything about it). CLOSED TREE
    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    bhearsum authored
  2. Added tag FIREFOX_3_1b2_RELEASE for changeset 29add08d84ae

    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    ffxbld authored
  3. Added tag FIREFOX_3_1b2_BUILD1 for changeset 29add08d84ae

    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    ffxbld authored
  4. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    …firefox 3.1b2 release on GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    branch : GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
    ffxbld authored

Nov 24, 2008

  1. [OS/2] Bug 465691: make sure that we matched a font before using it a…

    …nd rename "Deja Vu" to "DejaVu", r=wuno@lsvw, a191b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
    Peter Weilbacher authored
  2. [OS/2] Bug 465691: fix debug output to compile again (CLOSED TREE)

    Peter Weilbacher authored
  3. Boris Zbarsky

    Drop extra semicolons. Fix build bustage in CLOSED TREE

    bzbarsky authored
  4. Boris Zbarsky

    Bug 457153. Introduce an nsILoadContext interface so that consumers c…

    …an get load context information from a channel/loadgroup without having to depend on getInterface of docshell stuff. r=dwitte for cookie part, r=jst for rest, sr=jst, a=beltzner for CLOSED TREE
    bzbarsky authored
  5. Bug 460767 - Crash in imgRequest.cpp in OOM conditions r=pavlov r=joe…

    …drew a19b2=beltzner. CLOSED TREE
    Brad Lassey authored
  6. petervanderbeken

    Fix for bug 466284 (Crash in [@ nsAutoCompleteController::RowIndexToS…

    …earch]). r=gavin, a19b2=beltzner. CLOSED TREE
    petervanderbeken authored
  7. Bug 464080 Lock .jar files before opening them r=Pike

    Neil Rashbrook authored
  8. Igor Bukanov

    Backed out changeset 700ae4e59496 - bug 453157 caused talos oranges. …

    ibukanov authored

Nov 23, 2008

  1. bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation counting,…

    … r=igor,mrbkap a19b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
    Andrei Saprykin authored

Nov 22, 2008

  1. Bug 466314 - updatingImplicit.html (used by test_offlineMode.html and…

    … test_updatingManifest.html) crashes SeaMonkey; (Av1) Disable tests
    (to CLOSED TREE: bustage fix for changeset 2fa341c1330b)
    Serge Gautherie authored
  2. Igor Bukanov

    Backed out changeset 04cecb0ec24c to see if it fixes tinderbox orange…

    ibukanov authored
  3. bug 453157 - using watchdog thread as an alternative to the operation…

    … count. r=igor,mrbkap a19b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
    Andrey Saprykin authored

Nov 21, 2008

  1. Igor Bukanov

    Backed out changeset c54f1957d564 - bug 453157 - build system changes…

    … caused mouchi test failures. CLOSED TREE
    ibukanov authored
  2. bug 453157 - using watchdog thread as an alternative to the operation…

    … count. r=igor,mrbkap a1.9.0b2=beltzner (CLOSED TREE)
    Andrey Saprykin authored
  3. Blake Kaplan

    Bug 465705 - There must always be at least one source note. r=brendan…

    … a=sayrer
    Pushing on a CLOSED TREE with a=josh
    mrbkap authored
  4. Blake Kaplan

    Bug 465901 - DVG confused by |let|. r=brendan a=sayrer

    mrbkap authored
  5. Bug 259945 - Mozilla should not use LD_LIBRARY_PATH on solaris; use l…

    … instead of; r=wtc sr=neil
    (to CLOSED TREE)
    Boying Lu authored
  6. Bug 463804 - Tests missing in; r=dcamp a191b2=beltzner

    (to CLOSED TREE)
    Honza Bambas authored
  7. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 465693 - Dragging a bookmark from the bookmarks toolbar to tabstr…

    …ip breaks bookmarks toolbar, r=dietrich a=beltzner, CLOSED TREE
    mak77 authored

Nov 20, 2008

  1. Dave Townsend

    Patch to fix bug 463387 without bug 463384, from bug 465883. CLOSED T…

    …REE. r=vlad
    Mossop authored
  2. Dave Townsend

    Backing out bug 463384 as it caused bug 465883

    Mossop authored
  3. Dave Townsend

    Backed out changeset 4b5e00c182be from bug 463384 due to it causing b…

    …ug 465883
    Mossop authored
  4. Igor Bukanov

    Backed out changeset 8329a91db67d - bug 453157, CLOSED TREE

    ibukanov authored
  5. bug 453157 - watchdog thread as an alternative to operation count. r=…

    …igor,mrbkap a1.9.0b2=beltzner
    Andrei Saprykin authored
  6. Bug 464995 - avoid reads of size 1 in jemalloc. r=jasone,sr=stuart

    Taras Glek authored
  7. Shawn Wilsher

    Addressing review nit for bug 464202 that was improperly addressed in…

    … changeset 59d84ac24da2
    original patch r=mrbkap, a=beltzner
    sdwilsh authored
  8. Shawn Wilsher

    Disable a test causing a test failure as a result of bug 465843.

    sdwilsh authored
  9. Ben Turner

    Bug 353851 - "accumulation of outer chrome windows in mOpener chains …

    …(window.opener)". Fix assertion, r=bz, a=sdwilsh (sheriff).
    benturner authored
  10. Ben Turner

    Bug 459790 - "Following Error console link causes uncaught exception …

    …( 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsISupports.QueryInterface] )". r+sr=jst, a=mconnor.
    benturner authored
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