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tag: FIREFOX_3_6a1_…
Commits on Aug 6, 2009
  1. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    ffxbld authored
    …firefox 3.6a1 release on GECKO192a1_20090806_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE
    branch : GECKO192a1_20090806_RELBRANCH
  2. Add reftest from…

    Zack Weinberg authored
    …n/0164.html since it is also fixed by bug 476856.
  3. @dbaron
  4. @dbaron

    Rewrite parsing of CSS url() function to make it more like the tokeni…

    dbaron authored
    …zation that's described in the spec. (bug 476856, though originally written for bug 337287) r=bzbarsky
  5. @dbaron
  6. @jswalden

    Mark several reftests as random for now; behavior is almost certainly…

    jswalden authored
    … deterministic, but I only have two sets of tinderbox results now and don't have time to watch the tree after they all report, so I'm marking them all bad until I have time to revisit them later tonight. r=orange
    extra : rebase_source : d6e5439da06b83396f784f56b50acff769ff1148
Commits on Aug 5, 2009
  1. @mrbkap
  2. @masayuki-nakano

    Bug 508202 - Cannot build on Vista x64 with VC9 + MozillaBuild1.4 aft…

    masayuki-nakano authored
    …er bug 505289 r=VYV03354 r=ted.mielczarek
    extra : rebase_source : 97410d0463f08d277b5815063f769205c25ebc77
  3. @jswalden
  4. @mstange
  5. @mstange

    Bug 269410 - Only show the toolbar collapse button in the main browse…

    mstange authored
    …r window and in the Places library window. ui-r=faaborg, r=enndeakin
  6. @mstange

    Bug 269410 - Create a new attribute, "toggletoolbar", which can be us…

    mstange authored
    …ed to control whether the toolbar pill collapse button is shown on the window. r=Neil, r=josh, sr=roc
    If the attribute is not specified, the button is hidden by default.
  7. @dolske

    Bug 508471 - Password Manager should use setProperty instead of setPr…

    dolske authored
    …opertyAsInterface for non-interface objects. r=gavin
  8. @dolske
  9. @sdwilsh

    Bug 508344 - Remove unused location bar preferences

    sdwilsh authored
    Removes preferences that are no longer used after the landing of bug 455555.
  10. @sdwilsh

    Bug 491936 - Create tests for NetUtil.jsm

    sdwilsh authored
    Creates tests for NetUtil.jsm and fixes some minor errors with it.
  11. Backed out changeset 9ddc25fb2246 - bug 459114 - helper function to p…

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    …rovide a clean profile directory for xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh - for test failures
  12. Backed out changeset 9ddc25fb2246 - bug 459114 - helper function to p…

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    …rovide a clean profile directory for xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh - for test failures
  13. Bug 508074 nsBinHexDecoder should use an nsCString for mName authored
  14. Bug 508229 Clean up whitespace in nsBinHexDecoder authored
  15. @bslassey
  16. @reedloden
  17. @jonallengriffin
  18. bug 486600 - Fennec doesnt restore the window on Omnia running window…

    kantha kanchiraju authored
    …s mobile 6 r=dougt
  19. 507348 - Credits cleanup, r=mconnor

    Honza Bambas authored
  20. @rocallahan
  21. @rocallahan
  22. @rocallahan

    Disable failing test

    rocallahan authored
  23. @rocallahan
  24. @rocallahan
  25. @jduell

    Bug 485230. Add way to disable caching during development. r+sr=cbies…

    jduell authored
    extra : rebase_source : 05d555c4bb1f1382b7fbd7191df4a57d9572e0b4
  26. Bug 505032. Fix compilation of nsWifiScannerWin on MinGW. r=biesi

    Jacek Caban authored
    extra : rebase_source : 1cc3dfd4a7cee3b62441370e511e2acc41327974
Commits on Aug 4, 2009
  1. @mrbkap
  2. @mrbkap
Commits on May 14, 2009
  1. bug 459114 - helper function to provide a clean profile directory for…

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    … xpcshell tests. r=sdwilsh
    extra : rebase_source : 7bd4c374609a9eea15d0b244c1415ae853146e84
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