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tag: FIREFOX_3_7a5_…

Jun 10, 2010

  1. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    …firefox 3.7a5 release on GECKO193a5_20100610_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE
    branch : GECKO193a5_20100610_RELBRANCH
    ffxbld authored
  2. Bug 566024 - Add a 'global' messageManager, r=jst

    Olli Pettay authored
  3. merge

    John Daggett authored
  4. Backed out changeset d87007680567

    John Daggett authored
  5. Bug 561304. Revert to using GDI shaper on XP to avoid Uniscribe posit…

    …ioning bug at certain font sizes. r=jkew
    John Daggett authored
  6. Followup comm-central bustage fix for Bug 569058 - backout makensis.m…

    …k changes until comm-central's is updated
    Robert Strong authored
  7. masayuki-nakano

    Bug 564669 Remove nsIPlaintextEditor::handleKeyPress() r=smaug+ehsan,…

    … sr=roc
  8. Josh Aas

    Add support for Cocoa NPAPI complex text input. This patch contains a…

    … TSM-based implementation for 32-bit builds, and an NSInputContext-based implementation for 64-bit builds. b=512886 r=smichaud sr=jst
    bdaehlie authored
  9. Daniel Holbert


    dholbert authored
  10. Daniel Holbert

    Backed out changeset a8ac411e1653 (bug 552938) for causing some rando…

    dholbert authored

Jun 09, 2010

  1. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 570566 - Crash [@ nsTextControlFrame::SetInitialChildList] removi…

    …ng type from <input type=image>; r=jst
    ehsan authored
  2. Followup bustage fix for Bug 569058 - don't use a cached var.

    Robert Strong authored
  3. Daniel Holbert

    Bug 571036: revert addition of reftest-wait, since it didn't help thi…

    …s randomorange. (Also remove unnecessary full-page white background). [test-only change]
    dholbert authored
  4. Bug 485114 - Add plugin for modifying file permissions and move NSIS …

    …plugins under other-licenses. r=bsmedberg
    rename : toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/AppAssocReg.dll => other-licenses/nsis/Plugins/AppAssocReg.dll
    rename : toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/ApplicationID.dll => other-licenses/nsis/Plugins/ApplicationID.dll
    rename : toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/ShellLink.dll => other-licenses/nsis/Plugins/ShellLink.dll
    rename : toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/UAC.dll => other-licenses/nsis/Plugins/UAC.dll
    rename : toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/nsProcess.dll => other-licenses/nsis/Plugins/nsProcess.dll
    Robert Strong authored
  5. Bug 526333 - Having to create patches for each app's package manifest…

    … and removed-files and then get reviews from each app is a PITA. changes for MOZ_UPDATER only. r=ted.mielczarek
    Robert Strong authored
  6. Bug 569058 - Upgrade NSIS version to 2.45 or later (PCA complains whe…

    …n installer is cancelled on Windows 7).,, and changes only. r=ted.mielczarek
    Robert Strong authored
  7. MatsPalmgren

    Re-enable the test now that the regression in bug 565392 is fixed.

    MatsPalmgren authored
  8. MatsPalmgren

    Accept 0-1 assertions on gtk2 for this test.

    MatsPalmgren authored
  9. Vladimir Vukicevic

    b=562409; add GLContextProvider form EGL (patch from vlad/fred/romaxa…

    …); r=bas
    vvuk authored
  10. Vladimir Vukicevic

    b=570660; add ability to resize pbuffer GL contexts; r=joe

    vvuk authored
  11. Robert Kaiser

    bug 570788 - Incorporate improvements from SeaMonkey places review in…

    …to Firefox code - round 1, r=sdwilsh
    KaiRo-at authored
  12. Drew

    Bug 570986 - nsGlobalWindow::Dump should check all bytes, not chars, …

    …when replacing \r with \n. r=bzbarsky
    0c0w3 authored
  13. Drew

    Bug 570291 - dump() inside sandbox truncates string's high bytes. r=b…

    0c0w3 authored
  14. Drew

    Bug 570720 - Intermittent failure in browser_library_search.js when d…

    …efault livemark feed includes "dummy". r=mak
    0c0w3 authored
  15. Bug 568287 - Expand test for 'Copy Password' context menu item in Pas…

    …sword Manager [r=dolske]
    Frank Yan authored
  16. Paul O’Shannessy

    Bug 387859 - sessionstore should use native json to parse session dat…

    …a [r=zeniko]
    zpao authored
  17. Daniel Holbert

    Bug 570257: fix unsigned/signed comparison build warning in WebGLCont…

    …extValidate.cpp. r=vlad
    dholbert authored
  18. Robert Longson

    Bug 571036: Add reftest-wait to reftest dynamic-use-nested-01.svg to …

    …hopefully fix randomorange. r=dholbert
    longsonr authored
  19. Robert Longson

    Bug 570555 - CSS animation on font-size should not require units. r=d…

    longsonr authored
  20. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 529922 - review comment

    ehsan authored
  21. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 571018 - Intermittent failure in docshell/base/crashtests/432114-…

    …2.html | assertion count 2 is more than expected 0 to 1 assertions; r=jruderman
    extra : rebase_source : 2b11ede
    ehsan authored
  22. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 570624 - "ASSERTION: called nsGenericElement::SetText"; r=roc

    extra : rebase_source : 24d41a8
    ehsan authored
  23. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 570657 - Make the order of releasing objects and removing them in…

    … nsCOMArray's consistent; r=shaver
    extra : rebase_source : 16f05bb
    ehsan authored

Jun 08, 2010

  1. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 570417 - All content iterators need to take part in cycle collect…

    …ion; r=jst
    extra : rebase_source : 9681fd6
    ehsan authored

Jun 04, 2010

  1. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 529922 - Make sure that delayedStartup has run, therefore the tes…

    …t is valid; r=gavin
    ehsan authored
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