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Commits on Feb 22, 2011
  1. @hiikezoe

    Bug 635156 - typos in test svg files.

    hiikezoe authored
    r=longsonr a=tests-only
  2. @mattwoodrow
Commits on Feb 21, 2011
  1. @rocallahan

    Bug 634232. Call WillEndTransaction/DidEndTransaction notifications f…

    rocallahan authored
    …or FrameLayerBuilder's temporary layer managers. r=tnikkel a=hardblocker
  2. Bug 594596. Check the return value when creating a menu popup widget.…

    Timothy Nikkel authored
    … r=roc a=roc
  3. Bug 635434, dispatch to gKeyDownTarget using the right presshell, r=e…

    Olli Pettay authored
    …nn, f=masayuki, a=hardblocker
  4. @jfkthame
  5. Don't create or delete frames when nsTextFrame::SetLength is called f…

    Simon Montagu authored
    …rom bidi resolution. Bug 635329, r+a=roc
Commits on Feb 20, 2011
  1. Bug 633762. Only bail early if we have an async scroll pending so the…

    Timothy Nikkel authored
    … ScrollTo call can update mDestination. r=roc a=roc
Commits on Feb 19, 2011
  1. @mattwoodrow

    Bug 635302: fix flipping logic to handle both single-buffered and dou…

    mattwoodrow authored
    …ble-buffered cases correctly. r=joe, a=hardblocker.
  2. @mattwoodrow

    Bug 635302: fix flipping logic to handle both single-buffered and dou…

    mattwoodrow authored
    …ble-buffered cases correctly. r=joe, a=hardblocker.
    See also bug 635383 for improving this logic in the longer term.
  3. Bug 635191: If the object frame has gone away, there's no way to dete…

    Chris Jones authored
    …rmine IsUpToDate(), so just dispatch the paint-finished event. r=roc a=b
  4. @dholbert

    Bug 596765, followup 2: Bail out of nsObjectLoadingContent::LoadObjec…

    dholbert authored
    …t for SVG-as-an-image documents (and re-enable reftest). r+a=roc
Commits on Feb 18, 2011
  1. @jfkthame
  2. @jfkthame

    bug 622507 - snap popup position to device pixels, to avoid Bookmark …

    jfkthame authored
    …menu size getting stuck. r+a=roc
  3. @jfkthame
  4. @jfkthame
  5. @dholbert

    Bug 596765 followup: Disable plugin in svg-as-image test, since it's …

    dholbert authored
    …apparently unreliable (orange on linux64) and might not be testing correctly. a=orange
  6. @dholbert
  7. @dholbert
  8. @dholbert

    Bug 596765, patch 3: Skip chunk of nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame that's i…

    dholbert authored
    …ntended for root frames but gets triggered for foreignObjects in SVG-as-an-image. r+a=roc
  9. @dholbert

    Bug 596765, patch 2: In nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::MaybeReflowFromOuter…

    dholbert authored
    …SVGFrame, don't mark kid as dirty if we know we're not going to reflow it. r+a=roc
  10. @dholbert

    Bug 596765, patch 1: Don't skip initial reflow for zero-sized svg for…

    dholbert authored
    …eignObject frames. r+a=roc
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
  1. @petervanderbeken

    Fix for bug 633738 ( bloats out of control (part 3)) - mark …

    petervanderbeken authored
    …some known assertions caused by bug 439258. r=bz, a=jst.
  2. @mattwoodrow
  3. @mattwoodrow

    Bug 634366 - Remove broken CreateForNativePixmapSurface usage from Ca…

    mattwoodrow authored
    …iroImageOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
  4. @jmathies
  5. Bug 634291, use faster inline method for global object check, r=bz, a…

    Olli Pettay authored
  6. @mattwoodrow
  7. Bustage fix for the bustage fix for bug 626602. Namespace statement i…

    Mark Banner authored
    …s required, so just ifdef it for IPC builds. r+a=bustage fix
Commits on Feb 16, 2011
  1. Bug 626602, part 8: Dig a tunnel from nsObjectFrame to PluginInstance…

    Chris Jones authored
    …Parent for background copying. r=bsmedberg sr=roc
  2. @rocallahan

    Bug 626602. Part 4: Make the display items behind a plugin that needs…

    rocallahan authored
    … readback be as visible as we can. r=tnikkel
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
  1. @jlebar
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