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tag: FIREFOX_4_0b4_…
Commits on Aug 17, 2010
  1. @gavinsharp

    Backed out changeset 43b490ef9dab (bug 585877), a=beltzner

    gavinsharp authored
    branch : GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
    extra : transplant_source : %EEI%11%BBlU%C5QA%DFY%BA%18%14a%8B%9FZ%07%F9
  2. @Mardak

    Bug 587922 - Tabs are not actually closed after using TabCandy interf…

    Mardak authored
    …ace [r=dão a=blocking2.0:beta4]
    Skip hiding tabs that are being removed to let it finish animating instead of hiding it to prevent the animation from finishing.
    branch : GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
  3. Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b4_RELEASE for changeset cb39cf6342e5. CLOSED TREE

    ffxbld authored
    branch : GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
  4. Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b4_BUILD1 for changeset cb39cf6342e5. CLOSED TREE

    ffxbld authored
    branch : GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
  5. Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for …

    ffxbld authored
    …firefox 4.0b4 release on GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE
    branch : GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
  6. @sayrer
  7. @khuey
  8. @khuey
  9. Bug 570663: turn a tableswitch on trace into a no-op if it has no cas…

    David Mandelin authored
    …es, r=njn
  10. Bug 584965: Improve key event handling for Cocoa widgets, follow Coco…

    Josh Aas authored
    …a event propagation model properly. Fixes bug 582052 and bug 379199. r=smichaud
  11. @dholbert
  12. @dholbert
  13. @dholbert


    dholbert authored
  14. @dholbert
  15. Bug 587406 Exceptions on windows 64 are not fatal authored
    a=bustage fix
  16. @mounirlamouri

    Bug 587875 - Build bustage: nsRefreshDriver.h is included by files no…

    mounirlamouri authored
    …t included when SMIL is disabled., a=buildbustage
Commits on Aug 16, 2010
  1. @dvander
  2. @azakai

    Bug 550936 - Make InstallTrigger support cross-process communication …

    azakai authored
    …r=Mossop a=blocking-beta4+,blocking-fennec2.0a1+
  3. @azakai

    Bug 587222 - Script caching in messageManager leaks; r=Olli.Pettay a=…

    azakai authored
  4. Bug 587267 - Display the Firefox button when in TabView; r=dao approv…

    Frank Yan authored
  5. @bsmedberg
  6. @bsmedberg
  7. bug 559228 - Implement multi-process crash reporting on Mac. r=bsmedb…

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    …erg a=blocking
    extra : rebase_source : 83e8073a3c8e47f8fec39b123221f80db89941e7
  8. bug 559228 - Update Breakpad to r652 (mozilla build system changes). …

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    …r=bsmedberg a=blocking
    extra : rebase_source : a3aeb2907f6102abd1628387beed004e242f9c3b
  9. bug 559228 - Update Breakpad to r652

    Ted Mielczarek authored
    extra : rebase_source : bec760bf86aa27731fcced3bfea3dcfaf5213293
  10. @khuey
  11. @raymondlee

    Bug 586693 - Do we still need to marshal browser events? [r=dolske a=…

    raymondlee authored
    * Removed some timeouts and fixed some broken user interactions that fixes various other bugs and test failures.
    Bug 587029 - Tab Candy : closing last tab of a group leads to an isolated tab
    Bug 586552 - GroupItem.newTab feedback should be immediate
    * Init TabItems before handling firstrun tab grouping
    * Removed _stopZoomPreparation related code since we are not using it anymore.
    * Fixed the issue related to using move to other group feature. The moved tab is still visible in the tab bar after moving it to other group.
    extra : rebase_source : 9784acd2df5be4be5016cf15d52dabaccd68e2a5
  12. @Mardak

    Bug 586198 - Incorrect placement of tab after Undo Close Tab in Tab C…

    Mardak authored
    …andy [r=dolske a=blocking2.0:beta4]
    Explicitly wipe out tab storage data on close so that undo close tab acts like a brand new tab.
    extra : rebase_source : f05ab57dff8a10be9df9e93bb128a4b716336c7a
  13. @ehsan

    Merge backout

    ehsan authored
  14. @ehsan
  15. @michaelwu

    Bug 587597 - Fix ARM/Mobile bustage by building Yarr. Contains Jacob …

    michaelwu authored
    …Bramley's load8 fix. r=sayrer a=blocking-fennec
    extra : rebase_source : f1bb2164f9a0e1cad4389258b6a356f73a4ccf3f
  16. @benturner

    bug 576716 - Crash [@ TypedArrayTemplate<int>::init] or [@ TypedArray…

    benturner authored
    …Template<int>::create], patch to tests r=vlad blocking2.0=betaN+
Commits on Aug 13, 2010
  1. @raymondlee

    Bug 585855 - Test that the bookmark all tabs command is disabled when…

    raymondlee authored
    … we have one visible and one hidden tab [r=dão sr=vlad a=gavin]
    extra : rebase_source : 728aa27e7ffdf08359c26fe709cac925c0d0f344
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