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tag: MOZILLA_1_9_a6…
Commits on Jun 29, 2007
  1. backing out bug 347743 due to major crasher in 386332 authored
  2. Update reftest documentation for printing reftests. NPOTB. authored
  3. Bug 386109 - Integrate jQuery Test Suite (adding missing file). Patch… authored
    … by John Resig <>. r=rcampbell
  4. bug 386109 - Integrate jQuery Test Suite, patch by John Resig <jresig… authored
    …>, r+=robcee
Commits on Jun 28, 2007
  1. Only strip zero-width joiner and non-joiner control characters when w… authored
    …e do our own Arabic shaping. Bug 280936, r=jshin, sr=rbs
  2. Trigger Bidi processing also for non-displayable control characters (… authored
    …RLM, RLE, RLO, etc.) Bug 177148, r+sr=roc, a=asa
  3. Update data files to Unicode 5.0. Bug 345156, r=jshin, sr=jag authored
  4. Bug 284219: add EnsureStringLength() helper function to nsReadableUti… authored
    …ls.h to
    simplify OOM checks when growing an nsAString. r/sr=darin
  5. Update data files to Unicode 5.0 authored
  6. Fix crash on unicode "zero width non-joiner" sequence. b=217903 r+sr=… authored
  7. Update data files to Unicode 5.0 authored
  8. Update Bidi character data tables to Unicode 4.1.0. Bug 288836, r=jsh… authored
    …in, rs=roc, a=mkaply
  9. Bug 236613: change to MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license. authored
  10. Improve the CHAR_IS_BIDI macro. Bug 240943, patch from an idea by Pet… authored
    …er Kirk, r+sr=roc
  11. Fix flipping of Arabic text when pasted to clipboard. Bug 197375, r+s… authored
  12. Correct the joining of some Urdu characters. Bug 255566, r=jshin, sr=… authored
  13. Update bidi data tables to Unicode 4.0.1 and add surrogate handling. … authored
    …Bug 240943, r=jshin, sr=rbs.
  14. Update the table of Bidi character categories to Unicode 4.0.1: parti… authored
    …al patch to Bug 240943 to match the 1.7 branch checkin. r=jshin, rs=blizzard.
  15. Bug 236613: change to MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license. authored
  16. Make Bidi symmetric swapping handle characters outside BMP. Bug 12280… authored
    …0, r=mkaply, sr=darin
  17. bug 236707 ARABIC COMMA's Joining Class is wrong authored
    patch by Behnam Esfahbod <> r=smontagu sr=rbs a=mkaply
  18. landing dbaron's patch for bug 235735 "fix callers that cast away con… authored
    …st on result of ns[C]String::get" r+sr=darin
  19. Fix build on gcc 3.4 by removing extra semicolons (bug 218551). r/sr=… authored
    …dbaron, a=brendan.
  20. Don't do numeric substitution in Arabic text by default. Bug 181711, … authored
    …r+sr=rbs, a=asa.
  21. Make static data const in nsBidiUtils.cpp. Bug 74803. r=dbaron, sr=al… authored
  22. Bug 126484 Occurences of uninitialized variables being used before be… authored
    …ing set (in Bidi files)
    patch by r=smontagu sr=bz
  23. remove ifdef IBMBIDI in content/, r+sr=roc+moz, bug 89203 authored
  24. Fix crasher bug 158796, r=jkeiser, sr=jst, a=asa authored
  25. Do Arabic shaping earlier before measuring the text so that it gets l… authored
    …aid out correctly. Bugs 117041, 138097. r=ftang, sr=waterson
  26. ArabicShaping() shouldn't assume that the input and output is in visu… authored
    …al order. Bug 137871. r=ftang, sr=attinasi
  27. Move HandleNumbers() from nsBidiPresUtils to nsBidiUtils. Bug 137857.… authored
    … r=ftang, sr=attinasi
  28. Fix for bug 121654, "Browser hangs when viewing a Ja message w/o MIME… authored
    … header with folder charset set to Arabic (IBM-864)". r=mkaply, sr=kin, a=asa
  29. Converting bidi utilities to non-XPCOM interfaces. Bug 120818; r=mkap… authored
    …ly, nhotta; sr=attinasi
  30. fix drag and drop for multiple items, fix a data corruption bug, fix … authored
    …dragging images out of gecko. b=385116 r=shebs sr=dbaron a=mconnor
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