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Commits on Aug 2, 2007
  1. wallpaper part 2 for bug 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when chan… authored
    …ging Master Password. r=vlad, a=damons.
Commits on Aug 1, 2007
  1. Adjust background on captions authored
  2. wallpaper for bug 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when changing Ma… authored
    …ster Password. r=vlad, a=damons.
  3. Fixing bug 389856. Fix dialog argument handling., … authored
  4. Add new skin work (thanks to Zach Linder), fix tab bar, and add "test… authored
    … n of
    n" to litmus tab.
  5. Bug 389915, update verification for Tb, r=preed authored
  6. bump the nsIUrlClassifierDBServiceWorker uuid, b=390398, r=vlad, a=da… authored
Commits on Jul 31, 2007
  1. b=390202, trunk topcrash gfxFont::Draw, r=stuart,a=damon authored
  2. Let "window.eval" work again by always wrapping eval when it comes ou… authored
    …t of a cross origin wrapper. bug 389878, r+sr=jst
  3. Protect vp from garbage collection, since GC could nest under several… authored
    … of the calls here. bug 390222, r+sr=jst
  4. s/chome/chrome/ authored
  5. Missed file from the checkin of Bug 368587 - avoid the second UAC pro… authored
    …mpt for helper.exe on software update by launching it directly from the elevated updater.exe process. r=bsmedberg, a=mconnor
  6. bug 389807 - cvs remove xpinstall/standalone, r=bsmedberg authored
  7. bug 389969: followup patch that makes the protocol handling dialog wo… authored
    …rk on Mac as well;
    a=schrep for M7
  8. Bug 389876 followup (r+a=mconnor) authored
  9. Bug 390171 clearing history for a host can delete annotations (r=sspi… authored
    …tzer, a=mconnor)
  10. Bug 389876 after places schema change to remove moz_places.user_title… authored
    …, first time start up is very slow (r=sspitzer, a=schrep)
  11. Remove tests accessing remote server authored
  12. Bug 389508: Fix regressions and bugs in the new Cross Site XMLHttpReq… authored
    …uest support. r/sr=jst a=roc
  13. *** empty log message *** authored
Commits on Jul 30, 2007
  1. Backing out patches for bug 385270 (mostly --- due to other checkins … authored
    …in the meantime, the GetContent*() helper functions need to stay) to fix regressions. a=schrep
  2. Bug 389969 - There is no protocol handling dialog. r=cbiesinger, sr=d… authored
    …mose, a=schrep
  3. Bug 389902 annotations expired on dateAdded but not dateModified (r=s… authored
    …spitzer, a=mconnor)
  4. Really add license headers... authored
  5. Add license headers, set minVersion to 2.0 authored
  6. Don't call FindInJSObjectScope on an object that's being finalized be… authored
    …cause its parent might have been finalized already. bug 389985, r+sr=jst
  7. License info authored
  8. Deal with XPCCallContexts that aren't able to initialize themselves. … authored
    …This also fixes bugs related to finalizing objects on dead contexts. bug 390083, r+sr=jst
  9. Fix assertion and incorrect '!' that could cause us to create cross-o… authored
    …rigin wrappers in the wrong scope. bug 389796, r+sr=jst
  10. Bustage fix for Bug 368587 authored
  11. Add extension packaging code authored
  12. Bug 390190 - XULRunner loads system sqlite3 (and can then crash), pat… authored
    …ch by redfive (, r=me a=mconnor for landing into close M7 tree
  13. Bug 368587 - avoid the second UAC prompt for helper.exe on software u… authored
    …pdate by launching it directly from the elevated updater.exe process. r=bsmedberg, a=mconnor
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