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Commits on May 10, 2010
  1. @philor
Commits on May 9, 2010
  1. @philor
  2. @philor
  3. @philor
Commits on May 8, 2010
  1. @dbaron

    Adjust assertion annotations in crashtest manifest. (Bug 472557) On C…

    dbaron committed
    …LOSED TREE to force another round of builds and see if the network problems are better.
  2. @KaiRo-at

    bug 563151 - split test files to install into two groups to not run i…

    KaiRo-at committed
    …nto commandline overflows on Windows (fixes SeaMonkey debug bustage), r=ted a=peterv for pushing
Commits on May 7, 2010
  1. Bug 562580 - warning: 'resource' may be used uninitialized in RDFCont… committed
    …entSinkImpl::~RDFContentSinkImpl(), r=jst, a=nthomas for the CLOSED TREE
Commits on May 6, 2010
  1. @Callek
  2. @mak77
  3. @Mossop
  4. Bug 555388: Part 2: Add a reftest for testing if we're properly clear…

    Bas Schouten committed
    …ing clipped regions. r=jrmuizel
  5. Bug 562866 - StatementParams::NewResolve mishandles JSVAL_IS_STRING(a…, Jason Orendorff committed
    …Id). r=sdwilsh.
    extra : rebase_source : f9e1ea925fa38a26c806ba6dbddc52ef83646d55
  6. @dholbert

    Bug 557566, part 1: Add Makefile-variable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS (and debug…

    dholbert committed
    …-only version FAIL_ON_WARNINGS_DEBUG). r=ted
  7. @dholbert
  8. @dholbert

    Bug 560383, part 2: (storage directory) Use "!!" for converting int t…

    dholbert committed
    …o bool, to avoid MSVC compile warning. r=sdwilsh
  9. @dholbert

    Bug 560393, part 1: (places directory) Fix warning: "format '%d' expe…

    dholbert committed
    …cts type 'int', but argument [N] has type 'size_t'". r=sdwilsh
  10. @dbaron
  11. @jmathies

    Bug 563847 - [OOPP] Fix for crash [@ ntdll.dll@0x222a2 ] [@ RtlEnterC…

    jmathies committed
    …riticalSection ] (from PluginInstanceChild::FlashThrottleMessage). r=bent.
  12. Bug 559498 - s/--enable-long-long-warning/--disable-lon…

    Serge Gautherie committed
    …g-long-warning/; (Av1) Just do it, Re-indent++ this block.
  13. @dbaron

    Annotate remainder of crashtest mainfests (all but one test) with the…

    dbaron committed
    … tests that are known to assert. (Bug 472557)
  14. @MatsPalmgren

    Test for bug 365410.

    MatsPalmgren committed
  15. @MatsPalmgren
  16. @MatsPalmgren
  17. @bzbarsky
  18. bug 563745 - Make's minidump processing able to se…

    Ted Mielczarek committed
    …nd minidumps to minidump-stackwalk-cgi. r=catlee
    extra : rebase_source : ebbf745e5e77c55437cb05071f49d421d08956c6
  19. @sayrer
  20. Stop test_punycodeURIs.js hanging when the test is actually failing. …

    Mark Banner committed
    …Part of bug 561350. r=ted (test-only change)
  21. @glandium
  22. @glandium
  23. @glandium

    Bug 445673 - Rename mType member of class nsMIMEInfoBase to nSchemeOr…

    glandium committed
    …Type to avoid confusion [r=bzbarsky]
  24. Bug 525394 - Fix race condition in test_autocomplete.js (old but not …

    Matthew N committed
    …senior == senior citizen) [r=dolske]
  25. @glandium

    Bug 563294 - Include memory.h instead of memory to avoid failure to b…

    glandium committed
    …uild in gcc C++0x mode [r=benjamin]
Commits on May 1, 2010
  1. @felipc

    Bug 562554 - "Toolbar buttons with drop-down menus are still busted i…

    felipc committed
    …n SeaMonkey Modern Theme" [r=roc] [a=Mossop]
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