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Commits on Jun 23, 2010
  1. @bsmedberg

    Bug 449129 - abort a plugin process if a plugin attempts to spin an e…

    bsmedberg authored
    …vent loop while painting, r=jmathies
  2. @romaxa
  3. @romaxa
  4. Bug 572999 Make reftest recognize Solaris r=roc

    Ginn Chen authored
  5. @gavinsharp
  6. @romaxa

    Bug 571832 - Provide CreateForNativePixmapSurface API. r=vladimir.

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 0f7214266a6bf449620d6b46fd14bc6978b621ee
  7. @romaxa

    Bug 560537 - Make EGL provider use GL context created by Qt.…

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 45a0da770a8e8a89c4ca02c67469893cd4f9872a
  8. @romaxa

    Bug 560537 - Fix indent for EGL provider. r=bas.schouten.

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 5e2376f681dd4c638c111c74cc203c59df9c318a
  9. @masayuki-nakano
  10. @masayuki-nakano

    Bug 519974 When we use IME, ASSERTION is printed at each key input (A…

    masayuki-nakano authored
    …SSERTION: nsEditor doesn't support wide caret: 'selectionStart == selectionEnd', editor/libeditor/base/IMETextTxn.cpp line 322 r=smichaud
  11. @bzbarsky

    Adding bug 573127 test

    bzbarsky authored
  12. @bzbarsky
  13. @bzbarsky

    Bug 573241. When reparenting a style context, don't include any trans…

    bzbarsky authored
    …ition rules the old context might have had in the new one, since that can confuse transitions. r=dbaron
  14. @gavinsharp

    SeaMonkey bustage fix for a1faf051bbc9 (bug 398776)

    gavinsharp authored
    extra : rebase_source : fc71ecbfaf65c9a2a368f0ba478d9ea22c7c76ac
  15. Bug 570689 - Convert perl scripts to python. Patch 1 - remove unused …

    Robert Strong authored
    …perl scripts. r=ted.mielczarek
  16. Bug 367539 - When upgrading an existing install use the uninstall.log…

    Robert Strong authored
    … to uninstall the previous version before install. Final cleanup patch. r=jmathies
  17. @Mossop

    Bug 562803: Add cleanup function to avoid one failing xpinstall test …

    Mossop authored
    …from messing up subsequent tests. r=robstrong
  18. Followup to bug 572939: include fixes for Mesa-family drivers that we…

    Chris Jones authored
    …re accidentally omitted earlier.
  19. @michaelwu
  20. @michaelwu
  21. @michaelwu

    Bug 573153 - Opening links from other apps is broken on Android; erro…

    michaelwu authored
    …r in getMostRecentBookmarkForURI, r=blassey
  22. @michaelwu
  23. @romaxa
Commits on Jun 22, 2010
  1. @kinetiknz
  2. @Mossop

    Bug 572955: Add some logging and cleanup and extend timeouts in brows…

    Mossop authored
    …er_installssl.js and browser_updatessl.js to avoid random oranges. r=robstrong
  3. temporarily dump some window state on mochitest time out to debug bug…

    Karl Tomlinson authored
    … 569237
  4. b=572968 use gdk_pixmap_foreign_new_for_screen to avoid XGetGeometry …

    Karl Tomlinson authored
    …round trip r=jrmuizel
  5. Bug 367539 - When upgrading an existing install use the uninstall.log…

    Robert Strong authored
    … to uninstall the previous version before install. Exclude MapiProxy_InUse.dll and mozMapi32_InUse.dll since apps already have code to deal with them without requiring a reboot. r=dtownsend
  6. @mstange
Commits on Jun 21, 2010
  1. @Callek

    bug 573382 - allow xpcnativewrappers to not fail-out in chrome manife…

    Callek authored
    …st - commit on SeaMonkey 2.1a2 RELBRANCH ONLY to enable backwards compat for keeping DOM inspector working
    branch : COMM193a5_20100623_RELBRANCH
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
  1. @hsivonen
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