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Mar 16, 2010

  1. Daniel Holbert

    Bug 552329: Fix compile warnings in xpcshell test TestOOM.cpp. r=doug…

    …t, test-only change on CLOSED TREE to see if tinderbox still wants to be red
    dholbert authored
  2. Bug 552386 - test_history_sidebar.js fails between midnight and 2:00a…

    …m with new DST settings, r=dietrich a=dholbert for CLOSED TREE
    Marco Bonardo authored

Mar 15, 2010

  1. Bug 552440 Update runtestsremote to support exceptions from deviceman…

    … r=ctalbert a=dholbert for CLOSED TREE landing, NPOTB
    Joel Maher authored
  2. Bug 552441 Update devicemanager to have better error reporting for fa…

    …iled file transactions r=ctalbert a=dholbert for CLOSED TREE landing, NPOTB
    Joel Maher authored
  3. Bug 545905 Add to m-c for running reftests on windo…

    …ws mobile r=ctalbert a=dholbert for CLOSED TREE landing, NPOTB
    Joel Maher authored
  4. Bug 552322 Fix remotexpcshelltests to define profile directory r=ctal…

    …bert a=dholbert for CLOSED TREE landing, NPOTB
    Joel Maher authored
  5. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 551580 - Can't enter private browsing mode, fails with Error "ds …

    …is undefined" in _beginRemoveTab(); r=dao (landing on a CLOSED TREE; a=dholbert for that!)
    ehsan authored
  6. Ben Turner

    Bug 551256 - 'Automate VMWare recording over mochitests'. r=ted, a=dh…

    …olbert for CLOSED TREE
    benturner authored
  7. Ben Turner

    Bug 552054 - Add some comments that were requested in review

    benturner authored
  8. Ben Turner

    Bug 552054 - 'Fix random orange in test_suspend.html, make Worker.ter…

    …minate() block any previously queued message events'. r=sicking.
    benturner authored
  9. Bug 477113 - RTL text-align changes throughout the theme because of b…

    …ug 299837. r=ehsan
    extra : rebase_source : 4bc0a54
    Dão Gottwald authored
  10. Bug 551724 - Disable ctypes on x86/msvc if MASM is unavailable. r=ted

    Dan Witte authored
  11. MatsPalmgren

    Bug 541013. r=peterv

    MatsPalmgren authored
  12. MatsPalmgren

    Fix gcc warning: 'rv' may be used uninitialized in this function. b=5…

    …52186 r=jfkthame
    MatsPalmgren authored
  13. Doug Turner

    Bug 552442 - Running against < Qt 4.6 causes build bustages. r=romaxa

    extra : rebase_source : 20bb076
    dougt authored
  14. Doug Turner

    Bug 542053 - OOPP do not work in XR builds. Use NS_GRE_DIR when deter…

    …mining exe path of child process. r=bsmedberg
    extra : rebase_source : abc95f4
    dougt authored
  15. Paul O’Shannessy

    Bug 551505 - Fix context of RestoreDocument_proxy [r=zeniko]

    zpao authored
  16. Paul O’Shannessy

    Bug 551285 - Drop backwards compatibility for Firefox 2/3 [r=zeniko]

    zpao authored
  17. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 552092 - Expose a length property on mozIStorageBindingParamsArray

    Expose the length so that consumers don't have to track if they added anything
    to the array themselves.
    sdwilsh authored
  18. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 552003 - Passing an empty mozIStorageBindingParamsArray does not …

    Throw instead of just asserting, which makes debugging this so much easier.
    sdwilsh authored
  19. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 549887 - Abort if the Places history service is unavailable; r=db…

    extra : rebase_source : dcf410b
    ehsan authored
  20. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 549887 - Make sure we don't crash if for some reason the layout i…

    …nit fails; r=dbaron
    extra : rebase_source : a112310
    ehsan authored
  21. Bug 518249 Disabling the test on the Mac because we don't know why it…

    … crashes r=orange
    Neil Rashbrook authored
  22. bhearsum

    bug 551278: Tracking bug for build and release of Firefox 3.7a3 - ver…

    …sion bumps to 1.9.3a4pre/3.7a4pre. r=me, patch=Tymerkaev.
    bhearsum authored
  23. Bug 518249 Adding test r=karlt

    rename : content/base/test/test_copypaste.html => content/base/test/test_copyimage.html
    Neil Rashbrook authored
  24. Jonathan Watt

    Bug 551299. Add a SetCount() method to nsCOMArray and nsVoidArray. r=…

    extra : rebase_source : 676b497
    jwatt authored
  25. jfkthame

    bug 502906 - part 3 - factor out Uniscribe and GDI shapers from Windo…

    …ws GDI font code. r=jdaggett
    rename : gfx/thebes/src/gfxWindowsFonts.cpp => gfx/thebes/src/gfxUniscribeShaper.cpp
    rename : gfx/thebes/public/gfxWindowsFonts.h => gfx/thebes/src/gfxUniscribeShaper.h
    jfkthame authored
  26. Oleg

    Bug 552315 - Improve Qt show functionality. r=dougt

    romaxa authored
  27. Oleg

    Bug 552013 - g_type_init required for conic initialization when build…

    …ing with Qt platform. r=dougt
    romaxa authored
  28. Justin Wood (Callek)

    Backout Bug 507936, Due to test failures.

    Callek authored
  29. Justin Wood (Callek)

    Backout Bug 507936, Due to test failures. roc claimed to have done it…

    … already but I don't see it
    Callek authored

Mar 12, 2010

  1. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 536978 - Cookies should write to the database asynchronously.

    This makes cookie insertion, updates, and deletions happen asynchronously off of
    the main thread.  The only I/O done on the main thread is the initial loading of
    the database at each startup.
    sdwilsh authored
  2. Henri Sivonen

    Bug 541078 - Turn editing off in BeginLoad(). r=bzbarsky.

    extra : rebase_source : 8bb4f1a
    hsivonen authored

Mar 11, 2010

  1. Henri Sivonen

    Bug 490665 - Implement HTML5-compliant isindex form submission. r=jonas.

    extra : rebase_source : 2075bc5
    hsivonen authored

Mar 10, 2010

  1. Ehsan Akhgari

    Bug 458037 - Implement isContentEditable; r=bzbarsky sr=roc

    extra : rebase_source : fdcbc21
    ehsan authored
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