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Oct 17, 2008

  1. bhearsum

    bug 454261: add Mercurial and long filename support to patcher - use …

    …from_decoded instead of partial_decoded. r=nrthomas, patch=me
    bhearsum authored
  2. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 459934 - should lazy-load places autocomplete statements

    mak77 authored
  3. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459789 - lazily get mDB[Invalid|Old]Frecencies

    sdwilsh authored
  4. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459788 - Lazily get mDBBookmarkToUrlResult

    sdwilsh authored
  5. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459786 - lazily get mDBVisitTo[Visit|URL]Result

    sdwilsh authored
  6. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459787 - remove mDBUrlToUrlResult

    This changeset removes an unused query that was in the startup path.
    sdwilsh authored
  7. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459781 - create our string bundle in a more sane way

    This changeset only creates the string bundle when we need it, and only in one
    place as opposed to two separate places.
    sdwilsh authored
  8. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459776 - date formatter is unused

    This changeset removes a small part of code that places does in startup that is
    not used or needed.
    sdwilsh authored
  9. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459773 - Creating a collation is expensive

    This makes a lazy getter for getting our collation saving us about 3% of places
    startup time.
    sdwilsh authored
  10. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 455474 - cleanup nsNavBookmarks::Init

    mak77 authored
  11. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 459491 - nsPlacesDBFlush could use async queries instead of backg…

    …round thread
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/head_background.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/head_sync.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_addBookmark.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_addBookmark.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_addBookmark_batched.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_addBookmark_batched.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_addVisit.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_addVisit.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_addVisit_batched.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_addVisit_batched.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_modifyBookmark.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_modifyBookmark.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_database_sync_after_quit_application.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_database_sync_after_quit_application.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_multiple_bookmarks_around_sync.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_multiple_bookmarks_around_sync.js
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/background/test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/sync/test_multiple_visits_around_sync.js
    mak77 authored
  12. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459315 - Wrap favicon work in a transaction

    This wraps a series of statements that run on the main thread to reduce the
    number of fsyncs that end up happening.
    sdwilsh authored
  13. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 459299 - nsNavHistory::SetPageTitleInternal is slow

    This caches a statement that is created any time a pages title changes.  The
    creation of the statement took roughly 66% of the functions execution time
    according to shark.
    It also removes a transaction that was not needed in this method.
    sdwilsh authored
  14. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 456029 - optimize the temp table triggers

    This changeset makes the triggers work much faster which should greatly reduce
    the timings of adding a visit and a bookmark.
    mak77 authored
  15. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 450290 - Sync the temp tables to the permanent tables.

    This changeset adds code that is run at app-startup that will flush out changes
    to the temporary tables into the permanent ones.  For moz_places, this is done
    whenever we sync moz_historyvisits and when we add or modify a bookmark.  For
    moz_historyvisits, this is done on a timer controlled by the preference
    Changeset includes full test coverage for the above behaviors.
    rename : toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/head_bookmarks.js => toolkit/components/places/tests/background/head_background.js
    sdwilsh authored
  16. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 449640 - Modify the places backend to use the temporary tables &

    Bug 450705 - Optimize the query changes from the temp table rewrite
    This changeset merges patches from two bugs to actually use the temporary tables
    created for places.
    Bug 449640 patch by Shawn Wilsher <>
    r=dietrich, r=Mak77
    Bug 450705 patch by Marco Bonardo <>
    r=sdwilsh, r=dietrich, r=Mardak
    mak77 authored
  17. Shawn Wilsher

    Bug 449086 - Create temporary tables for frequently used places tables

    This changeset creates two temporary tables that will be used when inserting
    data into moz_places and moz_historyvisits.  This will reduce the number of
    writes as well as the number of fsyncs that happen.
    sdwilsh authored
  18. Marco Bonardo

    Bug 429350 - Unable to delete tags from column list, r=mano

    mak77 authored
  19. Alexander Surkov

    Bug 460239 - move static methods from nsAccessible and nsAccessNode t…

    …o utils, r=aaronlev
    asurkov authored
  20. Alexander Surkov

    Bug 460402 - remove extra noise when there is no document accessible,…

    … r=aaronlev
    asurkov authored
  21. Crashtest for bug 456196, by Martijn Wargers <martijn.martijn@gmail.c…

    Mats Palmgren authored
  22. Use iterative algorithms when cloning and deleting lists. b=456196 r+…

    Mats Palmgren authored
  23. Remove unintentional BOM. b=460248 r=roc

    Mats Palmgren authored
  24. Jonas Sicking

    merge backout

    sicking authored
  25. Jonas Sicking

    Backed out changeset eeeaee484609 due to test failure

    sicking authored
  26. masayuki-nakano

    Bug 456522 fix 4 warnings of nsPresContext.h r+sr=roc

    masayuki-nakano authored
  27. Jonas Sicking

    Break out Access-Control code from nsXMLHttpRequest.cpp. r/sr=mrbkap …

    …b=459770. Relanding with some things removed to see if they caused leak.
    sicking authored
  28. Merge: Backed out changeset: 1a8fd714a794

    Serge Gautherie authored
  29. Backed out changeset: 1a8fd714a794

    Break out Access-Control code from nsXMLHttpRequest.cpp. r/sr=mrbkap b=459770
    which leaks 280 kB.
    Serge Gautherie authored
  30. Work around failing (new) test from

    b7253556900e	Simon Montagu — Bug 453468: fix regression in wrap attribute in textareas from bug 99457. r+sr=dbaron
    Serge Gautherie authored

Oct 16, 2008

  1. Chris Double

    Bug 398185 - Add byte range request support to JS httpd - r=jwalden+bmo

    doublec authored
  2. Bug 457470 - Update public suffix (effective TLD) list (3); r=gerv

    David Triendl authored
  3. Bug 459848 - backout bug 346984 r+sr=bz

    Olli Pettay authored
  4. Justin Dolske

    Bug 455057 - some chrome images have embedded profiles. ui-r=faaborg,…

    … sr=mconnor.
    dolske authored
  5. Jonas Sicking

    Break out Access-Control code from nsXMLHttpRequest.cpp. r/sr=mrbkap …

    sicking authored
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