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Commits on Jun 23, 2010
  1. @ehsan
  2. @ehsan

    Bug 572642 - correct the component ID

    ehsan authored
    extra : rebase_source : 0cbe63fb07d3eea6db003aa295b4abed19602025
  3. @benturner

    Bug 553413 - 'Implement Asynchronous parts of the Indexed Database AP…

    benturner authored
    …I.' p=sdwilsh+bent, r=jst.
  4. nsObjectFrame code cleanup. b=572985 r=jst

    Josh Aas authored
  5. @ehsan
  6. @ehsan
  7. @ehsan
  8. fix stupid reftest failure on Win64

    Ted Mielczarek authored
  9. @khuey
  10. Bug 564270 - Can not search Places by transition type

    Mehdi Mulani authored
  11. @Ms2ger
  12. @Hywan
  13. @Mossop
  14. @felipc

    Bug 570267 - [OOPP] Firefox 3.6.4 bug: When a flash file has a focus,…

    felipc authored
    … window.onblur event does not happen as expected.
  15. Bug 567945 - Re-enable sutagent build now that we have proper tool ch…

    Clint Talbert authored
    …ain on android builds r=ted
  16. @bsmedberg
  17. Bug 573845 - open the console to a percentage of the browser window h…

    David Dahl authored
    …eight, p=ddahl, r=dietrich
  18. @bsmedberg

    Bug 449129 - abort a plugin process if a plugin attempts to spin an e…

    bsmedberg authored
    …vent loop while painting, r=jmathies
  19. @romaxa
  20. @romaxa
  21. Bug 572999 Make reftest recognize Solaris r=roc

    Ginn Chen authored
  22. @gavinsharp
  23. @romaxa

    Bug 571832 - Provide CreateForNativePixmapSurface API. r=vladimir.

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 0f7214266a6bf449620d6b46fd14bc6978b621ee
  24. @romaxa

    Bug 560537 - Make EGL provider use GL context created by Qt.…

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 45a0da770a8e8a89c4ca02c67469893cd4f9872a
  25. @romaxa

    Bug 560537 - Fix indent for EGL provider. r=bas.schouten.

    romaxa authored
    extra : rebase_source : 5e2376f681dd4c638c111c74cc203c59df9c318a
  26. @masayuki-nakano
  27. @masayuki-nakano

    Bug 519974 When we use IME, ASSERTION is printed at each key input (A…

    masayuki-nakano authored
    …SSERTION: nsEditor doesn't support wide caret: 'selectionStart == selectionEnd', editor/libeditor/base/IMETextTxn.cpp line 322 r=smichaud
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
  1. @hsivonen
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