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# Purpose: Use Parrot's config info to configure our Makefile.
# Usage:
# nqp Configure.nqp [input_makefile [output_makefile]]
# input_makefile defaults to 'src/';
# output_makefile defaults to 'Makefile'.
our @ARGS;
our %VM;
our $OS;
sub MAIN () {
# Wave to the friendly users
say("Hello, I'm Configure. My job is to poke and prod\nyour system to figure out how to build nqpTAP.\n");
# Load Parrot config and glue functions
# Slurp in the unconfigured Makefile text
my $unconfigured := slurp(@ARGS[0] || 'src/');
# Replace all of the @foo@ markers
my $replaced := subst($unconfigured, rx('\@<ident>\@'), replacement);
# Fix paths on Windows
if ($OS eq 'MSWin32') {
$replaced := subst($replaced, rx('\/'), '\\' );
$replaced := subst($replaced, rx('\\\\\*'), '\\\\*');
# Spew out the final makefile
spew(@ARGS[1] || 'Makefile', $replaced);
# Give the user a hint of next action
my $make := %VM<config><make>;
say("Configure completed for platform '$OS'.");
say("You can now type '$make' to build nqpTAP.\n");
say("You may also type '$make test' to run the nqpTAP test suite.\n");
say("Happy Hacking,\n\tThe nqpTAP Team");
sub replacement ($match) {
my $key := $match<ident>;
my $config := %VM<config>{$key} || '';
return $config;
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