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LAPACK bindings for Parrot Virtual Machine

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Parrot Virtual Machine bindings to LAPACK

This is library for Parrot Virtual Machine to provide LAPACK bindings to all languages running on Parrot Virtual Machine.


You need Parrot VM 3.5.0 or higher to compile parrot-lapack . 3.6.0 or higher is recommended.

The language Winxed is included in Parrot >= 3.5.0, and the build system of parrot-lapack uses it. To build parrot-lapack:

winxed setup.winxed build

Running Tests

parrot-lapack uses Rosella to run and implement a test suite. You currently need Rosella installed to run the tests.

Instructions on compiling and installing Rosella can be found are here

Once you have Rosella, run the parrot-lapack test suite with:

winxed setup.winxed test


winxed setup.winxed install

If you installed Parrot into a system-wide directory that only root can write to, you will need sudo:

sudo winxed setup.winxed install

Cleaning up

winxed setup.winxed clean


Beer, pull requests and patches welcome! Fork and be merry.


Jonathan "Duke" Leto.


Jashwanth Reddy M


Artistic 2.0

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