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case $CONFIG in
if test -f; then TOP=.;
elif test -f ../; then TOP=..;
elif test -f ../../; then TOP=../..;
elif test -f ../../../; then TOP=../../..;
elif test -f ../../../../; then TOP=../../../..;
echo "Can't find"; exit 1
. $TOP/
: This forces SH files to create target in same directory as SH file.
: This is so that make depend always knows where to find SH derivatives.
case "$0" in
*/*) cd `expr X$0 : 'X\(.*\)/'` ;;
case "$d_dosuid" in
*define*) suidperl='suidperl' ;;
*) suidperl='';;
: Certain parts of Makefile need to be commented out if dynamic
: loading is not used.
case "$usedl" in
define) comment='' ;;
*) comment='#' ;;
echo "Extracting Makefile (with variable substitutions)"
: This section of the file will have variable substitutions done on it.
: Move anything that needs config subs from !NO!SUBS! section to !GROK!THIS!.
: Protect any dollar signs and backticks that you do not want interpreted
: by putting a backslash in front. You may delete these comments.
$spitshell >Makefile <<!GROK!THIS!
# $Makefile.SH,v $Revision: 4.1 $Date: 92/08/07 17:18:08 $
# This file is derived from Makefile.SH. Any changes made here will
# be lost the next time you run Configure.
# Makefile is used to generate makefile. The only difference
# is that makefile has the dependencies filled in at the end.
# \$Log: Makefile.SH,v \$
# Revision 4.1 92/08/07 17:18:08 lwall
# Stage 6 Snapshot
# Revision 92/06/08 11:40:43 lwall
# patch20: cray didn't give enough memory to /bin/sh
# patch20: various and sundry fixes
# Revision 91/11/05 15:48:11 lwall
# patch11: saberized perl
# patch11: added support for dbz
# Revision 91/06/07 10:14:43 lwall
# patch4: cflags now emits entire cc command except for the filename
# patch4: alternate make programs are now semi-supported
# patch4: uperl.o no longer tries to link in libraries prematurely
# patch4: installperl now installs x2p stuff too
# Revision 91/04/11 17:30:39 lwall
# patch1: C flags are now settable on a per-file basis
# Revision 4.0 91/03/20 00:58:54 lwall
# 4.0 baseline.
# I now supply perly.c with the kits, so don't remake perly.c without byacc
BYACC = $byacc
CC = $cc
bin = $installbin
scriptdir = $scriptdir
privlib = $installprivlib
mansrc = $mansrc
manext = $manext
LDFLAGS = $ldflags
CLDFLAGS = $ldflags
SMALL = $small
LARGE = $large $split
mallocsrc = $mallocsrc
mallocobj = $mallocobj
dlsrc = $dlsrc
dlobj = $dlobj
dldir = $dldir
LNS = $lns
RMS = rm -f
ranlib = $ranlib
# The following are used to build and install shared libraries for
# dynamic loading.
LDDLFLAGS = $lddlflags
CCDLFLAGS = $ccdlflags
CCCDLFLAGS = $cccdlflags
SHLIBSUFFIX = $shlibsuffix
libs = $libs $cryptlib
public = perl $suidperl
shellflags = $shellflags
## To use an alternate make, set $altmake in
MAKE = ${altmake-make}
## In the following dollars and backticks do not need the extra backslash.
$spitshell >>Makefile <<'!NO!SUBS!'
CCCMD = `sh $(shellflags) cflags $@`
private =
scripts = h2ph
manpages =
util =
sh = Makefile.SH cflags.SH embed_h.SH makedepend.SH makedir.SH writemain.SH
h1 = EXTERN.h INTERN.h av.h cop.h config.h embed.h form.h handy.h
h2 = hv.h op.h opcode.h perl.h regcomp.h regexp.h gv.h sv.h util.h
h1 = EXTERN.h INTERN.h XSUB.h av.h config.h cop.h cv.h dosish.h
h2 = embed.h form.h gv.h handy.h hv.h hvdbm.h keywords.h mg.h op.h
h3 = opcode.h patchlevel.h perl.h perly.h pp.h proto.h regcomp.h
h4 = regexp.h scope.h sv.h unixish.h util.h
h = $(h1) $(h2) $(h3) $(h4)
c1 = av.c scope.c op.c doop.c doio.c dump.c hv.c
c2 = $(mallocsrc) mg.c perly.c pp.c regcomp.c regexec.c
c3 = gv.c sv.c taint.c toke.c util.c deb.c run.c
c = $(c1) $(c2) $(c3) $(dlsrc) miniperlmain.c perlmain.c
s1 = av.c scope.c op.c doop.c doio.c dump.c hv.c
s2 = $(mallocsrc) mg.c perly.c pp.c regcomp.c regexec.c
s3 = gv.c sv.c taint.c toke.c util.c deb.c run.c perly.c
saber = $(s1) $(s2) $(s3) $(dlsrc)
obj1 = av.o scope.o op.o doop.o doio.o dump.o hv.o
obj2 = $(mallocobj) mg.o perly.o pp.o regcomp.o regexec.o
obj3 = gv.o sv.o taint.o toke.o util.o deb.o run.o
obj = $(obj1) $(obj2) $(obj3)
lintflags = -hbvxac
addedbyconf = Makefile.old bsd eunice filexp loc pdp11 usg v7
# grrr
SHELL = /bin/sh
$(CCCMD) $*.c
all: miniperl perl lib/
#all: $(public) $(private) $(util) $(scripts)
# cd x2p; $(MAKE) all
# touch all
# Phony target to force checking subdirectories.
### Some makes have problems with the following dependency
### if $(dlsrc) or $(dlobj) is empty.
### Therefore, comment it out if dlsrc is null.
$spitshell >>Makefile <<!GROK!THIS!
${comment}\$(dlsrc): \$(dldir)/\$(dlsrc)
${comment} cp \$(dldir)/\$(dlsrc) \$(dlsrc)
${comment}\$(dlobj): \$(dlsrc)
${comment} \$(CCCMD) \$(dlsrc)
### Boilerplate for all the .xs files in the ext directory.
### XXX FIXME: At some point we also need to copy .pm files out of
### XXX the ext directory into lib.
### XXX FIXME: At some point we need to run autosplit on the .pm
### XXX files.
### Configure sets extensions to a string like
### "ext/dbm/NDBM_File.xs ext/dbm/ODBM_File.xs ext/dbm/GDBM_File.xs \
### ext/dbm/SDBM_File.xs ext/posix/POSIX.xs"
ext=" "
extdep=" "
extobj=" "
extsrc=" "
# extradep gives any extra dependencies of this extension.
# extraobj gives any extra thinks to link with this extension.
for f in $extensions
base=`echo $f | $sed -e 's@.*/\(.*\).xs@\1@'`
ext="$ext $base"
extsrc="$extsrc $base.c"
case $base in
SDBM_File) extradep="ext/dbm/sdbm/libsdbm.a"
extraobj="ext/dbm/sdbm/libsdbm.a" ;;
POSIX) extradep=""
extraobj="-lm" ;;
*) extradep=""
extraobj="" ;;
case "$usedl" in
define) extdep="$extdep lib/auto/$base/${base}\$(SHLIBSUFFIX)"
*) extdep="$extdep $base.o $extradep"
extobj="$extobj $base.o $extraobj" ;;
$spitshell >>Makefile <<!GROK!THIS!
# $base extension
$base.o: $base.c
\$(CCCMD) \$(CCCDLFLAGS) \$*.c
$base.c: $f ext/xsubpp ext/typemap
test -f miniperl || make miniperl
./miniperl ext/xsubpp $f >tmp
mv tmp $base.c
${comment}lib/auto/$base/$base\$(SHLIBSUFFIX): $base.o $extradep
${comment} test -d lib/auto/$base || mkdir lib/auto/$base
${comment} ld \$(LDDLFLAGS) -o \$@ $base.o $extraobj
$spitshell >>Makefile <<!GROK!THIS!
# List of extensions (used by writemain) to generate perlmain.c
# Extension dependencies.
# How to include extensions in linking command
ext/dbm/sdbm/libsdbm.a: ext/dbm/sdbm/sdbm.h ext/dbm/sdbm/sdbm.c
cd ext/dbm/sdbm; \$(MAKE) -f Makefile libsdbm.a
### Now on to the rest of the Makefile.
$spitshell >>Makefile <<'!NO!SUBS!'
# The $& notation tells Sequent machines that it can do a parallel make,
# and is harmless otherwise.
miniperl: $& miniperlmain.o perl.o $(obj)
$(CC) $(LARGE) $(CLDFLAGS) -o miniperl miniperlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(libs)
perlmain.c: miniperlmain.c
sh writemain $(ext) > perlmain.c
perlmain.o: perlmain.c
perl: $& perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extdep)
$(CC) $(LARGE) $(CLDFLAGS) $(CCDLFLAGS) -o perl perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extobj) $(libs)
pureperl: $& perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extdep)
purify $(CC) $(LARGE) $(CLDFLAGS) $(CCDLFLAGS) -o pureperl perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extobj) $(libs)
quantperl: $& perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extdep)
quantify $(CC) $(LARGE) $(CLDFLAGS) $(CCDLFLAGS) -o quantperl perlmain.o perl.o $(obj) $(dlobj) $(extobj) $(libs)
libperl.rlb: libperl.a
$(ranlib) libperl.a
touch libperl.rlb
libperl.a: $& perl.o $(obj)
ar rcuv libperl.a $(obj)
# This version, if specified in Configure, does ONLY those scripts which need
# set-id emulation. Suidperl must be setuid root. It contains the "taint"
# checks as well as the special code to validate that the script in question
# has been invoked correctly.
suidperl: $& sperl.o perlmain.o libperl.rlb
$(CC) $(LARGE) $(CLDFLAGS) sperl.o perlmain.o libperl.a $(libs) -o suidperl
lib/ miniperl
./miniperl configpm
saber: $(saber)
# load $(saber)
# load /lib/libm.a
sperl.o: perl.c perly.h patchlevel.h $(h)
$(RMS) sperl.c
$(LNS) perl.c sperl.c
$(CCCMD) -DIAMSUID sperl.c
$(RMS) sperl.c
perly.h: perly.c
@ echo Dummy dependency for dumb parallel make
touch perly.h
- perl
embed.h: embed_h.SH global.sym interp.sym
sh embed_h.SH
@ echo 'Expect' 80 shift/reduce and 62 reduce/reduce conflicts
$(BYACC) -d perly.y
sh $(shellflags) ./perly.fixer perly.c
mv perly.h
echo 'extern YYSTYPE yylval;' >>perly.h
perly.o: perly.c perly.h $(h)
$(CCCMD) perly.c
install: all
./perl installperl
rm -f *.o all perl miniperl
rm -f POSIX.c ?DBM_File.c perlmain.c
rm -f ext/dbm/sdbm/libsdbm.a
cd ext/dbm/sdbm; $(MAKE) -f Makefile clean
cd x2p; $(MAKE) clean
realclean: clean
cd x2p; $(MAKE) realclean
cd ext/dbm/sdbm; $(MAKE) -f Makefile realclean
rm -f *.orig */*.orig *~ */*~ core $(addedbyconf) h2ph
rm -f Makefile cflags embed_h makedepend makedir writemain
rm -f config.h t/perl makefile makefile.old cflags
rm -rf lib/auto/?DBM_File lib/auto/POSIX
rm -f x2p/Makefile x2p/makefile x2p/makefile.old x2p/cflags
rm -f lib/
rm -f c2ph pstruct
# The following lint has practically everything turned on. Unfortunately,
# you have to wade through a lot of mumbo jumbo that can't be suppressed.
# If the source file has a /*NOSTRICT*/ somewhere, ignore the lint message
# for that spot.
lint: perly.c $(c)
lint $(lintflags) $(defs) perly.c $(c) > perl.fuzz
depend: makedepend
- test -f perly.h || cp /dev/null perly.h
- test -s perly.h || /bin/rm -f perly.h
cd x2p; $(MAKE) depend
test: perl lib/
- cd t && chmod +x TEST */*.t
- cd t && (rm -f perl; $(LNS) ../perl perl) && ./perl TEST </dev/tty
clist: $(c)
echo $(c) | tr ' ' '\012' >.clist
hlist: $(h)
echo $(h) | tr ' ' '\012' >.hlist
shlist: $(sh)
echo $(sh) | tr ' ' '\012' >.shlist
# If this runs make out of memory, delete /usr/include lines.
$eunicefix Makefile
case `pwd` in
$rm -f ../Makefile
ln Makefile ../Makefile
rm -f makefile
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