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David Fetter authored Jan 16, 2010
1 David Fetter recounts:
3 As has long been my wont, in about May of 2006, I was looking around for
4 something cool to do in PostgreSQL that no one had done before. I figured
5 perl6 would make a great PL, but there was no implementation at the time, or at
6 least nothing that looked like it might become embeddable Parrot, despite its
7 long ride on the fail whale, looked like the most promising way for the long
8 term, So i came up with a couple of designs inspired by the PL/Java and PL/J
9 projects. PL/Java produced working code, although to this day I'm not sure
10 that it's production quality. It did this by instantiating a jvm in each
11 connection. PL/J's design was in some sense more elegant, but it never got
12 anywhere. In PL/J, there was to be some kind of IPC to a java "server." The
13 problem is that IPC and little servers are extremely difficult to get right, so
14 for now, I'm thinking that the PL/Java model has more JFDI.
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authored Apr 15, 2010
16 Jonathan "Duke" Leto adds:
18 I started hacking on PL/Parrot in October of 2009 and it started to actually work
19 in April 2010.
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