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PostgreSQL depends on some environment variables and directories which
are easiest to have via a .bashrc like this:
export PG_PREFIX=/home/shackle/tip
export PGDATA=$PG_PREFIX/data
export PATH=$PG_PREFIX/bin:$PATH
export PGPORT=2225
export PGUSER=shackle
export PGDATABASE=postgres
When you want to work on CVS TIP (aka git master) of PostgreSQL, you'd
source this file first. If you want to change to another
PostgreSQL, do:
make maintainer-clean
. /path/to/new/.bashrc.whatever
When compiling PostgreSQL, here's a handy-ish configure invocation:
./configure \
--prefix=$PG_PREFIX \
--with-pgport=$PGPORT \
--with-perl \
--with-libxml \
--enable-debug \
If you have ccache installed, you may also want to do
CC="ccache gcc" ./configure ...
To avoid confusion, you also might want to un-symlink plparrot from
beneath the other source tree and symlink it under contrib/ in the
source tree you want to use.
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