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.sub run
.param string code
.param pmc args :slurpy
.local pmc perl6_args
perl6_args = convert_to_perl6_parcel(args)
.local string wrap_start, wrap_end
wrap_start = "eval q<<< sub "
wrap_end = " >>>"
code = wrap_start . code
code .= wrap_end
load_bytecode 'dumper.pbc'
print "About to run: "
say code
.local pmc compiler, function, output
compiler = compreg "perl6"
function = compiler.'compile'(code)
say "args="
output = function()
.local int nullargs
nullargs = isnull perl6_args
if nullargs goto call_with_empty_args
say "calling with args"
$P3 = output(perl6_args :flat)
$I0 = isa $P3, "Block"
unless $I0 goto done
# the output of running the function returned a Block,
# such as a pointy block -> $a, $b { }, so let's go ahead
# and execute that
$P3 = $P3(perl6_args)
goto done
say "calling with null args"
$P3 = output()
print "code returned: "
say "=============="
.sub convert_to_perl6_parcel
.param pmc parrot_array
.local pmc arrayizer, perl6_parcel
unless parrot_array goto empty
# the infix comma operator, which creates Parcels from scalars
arrayizer = get_root_global ['perl6'], '&infix:<,>'
unless arrayizer goto error
# pass a flattened array to the comma operator
perl6_parcel = arrayizer(parrot_array :flat)
die "Could not turn Parrot array into a Perl 6 Parcel!"
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